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  1. i hear rumours that we will be playing as more then one protagonist similar to the style of GTA V not a big fan of this idea because i felt that in GTA V the story suffered because of this a central character that we have a journey with is important in a game like RDR GTA felt very tongue in cheek which accommodated and benefited from the numerous protagonists whilst i feel that RDR has a more serious story to tell thoughts?
  2. you have to watch Black Mirror fam! really great and underrated show its very thought provoking and serious though so not the best if your looking for a light-hearted show or something
  3. i still live at home with my parents but i don't see them very much during university time because im always out of the house/studying/socialising i try to dedicate at least one day over the weekend to the family just to maintain the general morale
  4. i got hope that the eventual reveal will be worth it haha
  5. haven't been excited for anything in gaming since the announcement that this is coming
  6. Was looking for a place to hang out as i wait for and eventually play the sequel of my favourite game excited to read about everyones theories and experiences i remember back in the day there was another red dead forum that eventually died out its exciting to see the birth of this forum from the sequel years later
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