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The Scarlett Hill Gang - Recruiting - PS4


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With a name derived from the territory they claim, 'The Scarlett Hill Gang' of Scarlett Meadows are a force to be reckoned with. Structured like a militia, they are involved in numerous rackets across the Lemoyne and Southeastern areas. They are extremely territorial and vengeful, and their superior arms and military training make them more dangerous than most gangs, as they will organise effective ambushes against rivals and bystanders instead of just randomly attacking on sight. The Scarlett Hill Gang is a highly structured and disciplined gang operating within Rockstar's flagship RPG Red Dead Online.


The gang hosts weekly activities with a well maintained and clearly set out hierarchy and structure. Including but not limited to:

- Organised and efficient combat training based on real 19th Century militias
- Gang Rides (In formation)

- Fight Club (PSN Code Prizes)

- Hunting / Fishing Trips

- Gang vs Gang High Noon / Gang Wars

- Races

and much more ...


WEBSITE https://thescarletthillgang.wixsite.com/rdr2
DISCORD : https://discord.gg/mjN73xy

"Vengeance & Victory"

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