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The Strange Man


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The Strange Man, often interpreted as being Death himself because he's unharmable and appears at times and places of death, can be seen in the first Red Dead telling John he likes how he kills yet still respects marriage, that he hopes his son would be like him, that he remembers him but won't say from where, speaks about the girl that died on the ferry, shows up where John gets burried right before he dies, etc.  In the sequel he has a cabin decorated in his honor by one of his surrogates that's located in Bayou NWA.  He can be seen in the standing mirtor when the place is revisited by John enough times when the painting of him is complete.  The painting can be studied as a point of interest collectable with a journal entry added as well.  When John studies the painting, he notes that he feels like he is being watched.  There are plenty of references to the players choices in the cabin as well as a map of Armadillo with an eery message about someone facing the consequences after being made an ultimatum of either happiness or 2 generations.  When you go to Armadillo, the place is sick with colera, and a man outside town will mention that they were cursed by the Strange Man who had been seen around town at the start of the outbreak.  The Blind Man will also mention that the player is being pursued by a other-worldly being.  The Fortune Teller in the Bayou will mention gods dying and circles being broken.  Herbert Moon is spared from the disease because uis shop bears a shrine to the Strange Man behind his counter that John will point out.  Herbert seems possessed as if he's a proxy to the Strange Man since he doesn't know why its hung in his shop or who the man is, though both him and John mention that he seems familiar.  The Strange Man may be a demon, ghost, or the Devil himself.  Are there any other references I'm missing?  I'd love to know more about him.  Some have speculated that he's the Ferryman and that the girl from the ferry he mentions isn't just a literal mention as to the murder Dutch committed but also figuritively speaking about carrying other's souls from this plane.  Most people already know of the ghost lady in the swamps, the ufos, and the Aztec symbols quoting the Bible in Blackwater, so there are a lot of canon supernatural things in the game that i find interesting.

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