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A Tip for target practice


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When you get around to the mission "Visiting hours" you can really take advantage on sharping your free aim skill on this mission. The guards on the top of the fort always respawn in a loop if you don't listen to Sadie and just stay in cover behind the boxes.

Really helps on tuning and following how they move their heads and bodies and etc. Just know that its a little tricky as their heads like to be right behind the forts fence and the fence will block your red dot headshot. It's almost resembles the rifle shooting range from GTA V as in a target far left, target in inner middle, target in middle and target on the far right.

You can literally do that start of the shootout over and over until you walk across the bridge to John and Sadie and it won't make you fail for not going to Sadie and John. So before you start that mission just save it to another save slot and reload it whenever you need a constructive warm up. Was working on v1.05 if it makes you fail for not following Sadie Rockstar did something to mess that up.

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