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How many (if any) new weapons do you see coming?



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20 minutes ago, EjectedCasings said:

I would love to see a Mauser in the game, like the Gewehr 98 or such. Also a Winchester 1873, maybe to be a low price repeater. I'd really more want these in the game for the historical value. 

I believe there is one the "Le Mat Revolver." Coming in this "Spring DLC."

I am not sure whether I want to see more revolvers or repeating rifles, shotguns etc. 

I would like to see special or unique weapons. For example a crossbow, bull whip, swords, axes etc.  

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13 hours ago, EjectedCasings said:

Those unique weapons you mentioned would be pretty cool, actually.

Maybe a kind of tripwire to trip up someone's horse, or a net to trap game/players.

Different knives would be appreciated.

Snares for smaller game 

Lol that idea about the tripwire for horses imagine the mayhem! 

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