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  1. Given that there are now several days in between posts on the forum nowadays, I think that it's safe to say that Red Dead Online is pretty much dead, at least with many older, veteran players. So what happened? The game had so much potential when I started playing in ~ March 2019 (wow, was it really that long ago?). I remember being breaking out of the wagon picking out my clothing from the very limited supply, and stealing my horse from Valentine. After popping open the treasure chest, I was off on my own for the first time. I had an interesting experience, where I was playing Online more than Story mode. I remember learning the map by farming stranger missions and the Land of Opportunities missions. Being broke and having nothing was honestly the best time that I had. Grinding for new weapons, more ammo, new horses, new saddles, clothing, pamphlets, etc. was the best time that I had in this game. It gave me something to do. It gave me a goal in the game. Nowadays, the only fun that I have in the game is if i'm playing with my buddies and we basically just screw around. The major problem with the game for me is the fact that there's nothing to grind for. There's no incentive for me to spend time doing caravan escorts, my favorite stranger missions, ever since the Trader role came out. It just was too inefficient of a moneymaking method. Before the role updates, money was handed out sparingly, by comparison, unless you could streamline your hunting and speedrun the stranger missions. At the time, I remember it being annoying that money took so long for me to amass. Hell, deleting your account and redoing all of the Land of Opportunities missions was the fastest way of getting money fast. Now the Roles put that to shame. And there's one of the problems. The only way to get roles is with gold (or amazon prime, I guess). For newer players, especially how gold payouts got nerfed into the ground for dailies, it's very difficult to get said roles without paying. After you get trader or collector, moneymaking becomes trivially easy. But by that point, if you've gotten all the roles "legitimately" without playing, you already have everything that you want for the most part. So why bother? Why spend all this time grinding when there is no reason for you to grind? Sure, it's fun to screw around with friends, or maybe you just like the missions, but for me, the game got old surprisingly quickly after the Roles came out. We all maxed them fairly quickly, and then it got stale. I do remember the OG legendary bounties, and how exiting it was to come back every week to see who the new dirtbag was for us to drag in. Looking at GTAO, it's an entirely different story. There's tons and tons of content that I still haven't unlocked, and i'm almost level 100. The sheer amount more of content that GTAO has over RDO is staggering. It's not just that, there's also stuff to grind for at higher levels. Done with the regular heists? Buy a Facility! Done with the doomsday heists? Buy an arcade! Done with the Diamond casino heists? Buy a Kosatka! It's not even that the quality of the missions themselves are higher in GTAO, it's simply that there are more of them and there are more reasons to do them! This is the biggest consequence of of RDO's biggest problem: NO UPDATES! We only got ~ 2 sizable updates per year with RDO, and everything else was a ridiculous drip-feed, where we only got some crappy new clothing and some bonuses that only benefited new players. It's really sad too, because this game could have been so much more. It could have been bursting with content and things to do, but no, Rockstar neglected it. The best example of that is the animal spawns. They left that issue unfixed for almost a year, which left most of the game nearly unplayable. Given that so many things depended on the animal spawns which were absent, it made trader difficult to do. And they still aren't really at the level they were before. For me, the game is pretty much permanently shelved. I love the Story Mode, and I still take it out every once in a while and play it, but the Online I rarely play anymore unless I have my friends with me and we feel like screwing around in Red Dead. Maybe i'll play it again for a couple weeks every now and again when a new update comes out, but for the most part, the game is done for me. TL;DR: The game could have been so much more, but neglect stagnated it, and that's a real shame. What about you? Do you think the game died too?
  2. I've had the mid tier Breton for a while, fletcher saddle, best stirrups, and it's good enough to get across the map without losing stamina, so it's good enough for me. I never even have to go that far anyway, so I figure i'll just save the money and keep this one. His name is Megachad.
  3. What is the point of animal bait in online? I think i've used it once, and that was for the scripted legendary bear mission in story mode.
  4. I dunno, probably a bug. You can set the horse to be only rideable by you/friends in the stable menu I think.
  5. Most missions will take you out of defensive mode, and put you at risk of player engagement. I know it's kind of beating a dead horse, but i've always been against develeoper implemented limitations like that, because it stifles player interaction. Plus, that's the way the game is meant to be played. I like the risk that missions have. Knowing that you could get shot anytime helps to keep it fresh and keeps me on my toes. Also, level doesn't really have much to do with it. Yeah, in those first 20 or so levels you're kind of in a rut, because you don't have the experience you need to be proficient at PVP. But while carbine repeater leaves much to be desired, the cattleman is a solid option, and if you do the Land of Opportunities missions, you will have enough cash to purchase yourself a replacement long arm. I would reccomend either the lancaster or the Bolt action, as both are pretty good all rounders in PVP.
  6. What? I always use my 45.-70 to blast Quail!
  7. Yikes, a 20 series? Glad I didn't purchase one, since the 30 series came out 😉 (I kid, I kid)
  8. Interesting gimmick, I guess, but Popeyes' chicken is better. I'm guessing it'll sell about as well as the hot wheels branded PC from long ago, but at least this one isn't outdated on arrival. Who knows.
  9. Nice! I've been an Xbox user for a very long time, but i'm considering building a PC for the first time because Xbox console exclusives are mostly over to Windows now as well. A lot of my games would be ported over to windows as well. There are several games that I would like to play on PC, but i've never had a good one. We'll see what happens.
  10. I've just kind of learned to accept bugs, as long as they aren't game breaking or persistent. A fair few bugs that I encounter are even kind of funny, Like in GRW when this happened: Sure, any bug will kinda wreck your immersion, but it's inevitable. Of course I would love it if there were no bugs at all, but they will happen. As for Cyberpunk, I'm probably going to wait a while before purchasing it. Maybe it'll go on sale soon like FO76 did, but at the very least it'll have a lot of the major issues ironed out.
  11. That was funnier than it should have been
  12. There's a lot of hidden gems all over the western US. One that comes off the top of my head is Cherry Creek, in my home state of Nevada. When people come to the state, they mostly just think of Vegas, and that's that However, if you're interested in this kind of thing, there's tons of ghost towns and abandoned mining facilities from the 1870's onwards. And there's nobody there. Definitely a lot of cool spots out there if you're willing to drive out in the sticks for it. There's a place up in Central Nevada called Cherry Creek, with a neat little museum. Not very large as it used to be the old schoolhouse, which was one room. Some cool bits and pieces there, though. I actually have an ancestor who was named Patrick Greene. To condense a long story, he and this other gentleman named Patrick Dolan (Pictured below) got into a heated argument about where the new school should be. Supposedly it pissed off Dolan so much that he went back to his ranch several miles out of town to grab a shotgun, so he could shoot Greene. Greene, however wasn't there. The next day, when Dolan went into town and saw Greene there, he shot him in the head without even standing up from his wagon. Dolan was subsequently arrested and only saved from the gallows because of the fact that he had small children (so did Greene). He was sentenced to life in the state penitentary (Patrick Dolan. Big dude, isn't he?) (A newspaper article written long after the incident)
  13. This happened to one of my friends a long while ago. Definitely annoying, but there wasn't anything stopping him from re-creating them, and it hasn't happened since. Something similar happened to him in Rainbow 6 Siege. All his operators' loadouts got wiped and reset to default. He was definitely in for a rude awakening that match.
  14. Never had or seen the issue. Maybe it was your TV?
  15. Yeah, I remember after I completed the Land of Opportunities missions I spent some of my heard earned cash on a fast travel trip to Saint Denis and there I bought a Bolt Action. After that, It was grinding hunting and Stranger missions with my pals. Saying that makes me realize how long it's been since i've done a stranger mission
  16. Well, one of my pals and I tried to get into Mexico by going across the San Luis or whatever that river is called. We actually found a spot where you can get across the river, but it's very difficult to get up the cliff over there. After like 2 hours of trying we called it quits. That wasn't before I used most of my stock of horse stimulant trying to get my horse across a different spot in the river though.
  17. Lmao they must have never been around when the two biggest posses in the server butt heads in Valentine That is definitely a "violent, chaotic online playground"
  18. Best instant Coffee out there, and it should never be disgraced with that crappy MRE creamer either.
  19. "Hmm, our online game is dying because of lack of content due to our ridiculous drip feed system. We could fix the problem, OR we could take a page out of GTA's book and Re-release it! Yeah! And we'll add even more of the bonuses that nobody apart from new players want! Wow! What a great idea!" What the hell is going through their heads?
  20. I doubt it would be coming this year, given R*'s reputation for their abysmal update cycle.
  21. Basically every time I was awarded something, i'd just open up the menu and go through all my crap to see if there was anything good.
  22. Some things that I have from my well over a year of playing My friend ended up sliding down the seat and clipping inside of me for most of the ride... A posse picture that we took. I'm on the right. I'm not sure this one needs any explanation. Took this bad boy in story mode, actually And of course, one of my favorite images that I have from this game. Took this bad boy a while ago.
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