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wanted: EXCLUSIVELY for grinding stranger missions


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PSN: yungXgrape
level: 58 (or 59?)

Basically when I join/create a random posse there's always some idiot who ends the mission early (that is: before 30 seconds remain) and causes everyone else to lose the reward. I'm willing to join a posse, but also wouldn't mind creating a permanent posse as I'm spending about 4 hours a day playing online. I play a lot of PVP as well, but prefer focused playlists (Spoils of War/Plunder) and avoid FFA showdown missions--which can be a pain when you're connected with 4 other players. If you're interested in something like this, or already have a posse that does this you can add me on PSN and shoot me a message. 

I'd prefer if all posse members had mics, but don't care at all what level you are. 

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