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New Hanover RP Community Now Recruiting (PS4)


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The New Hanover RP Community is now recruiting, we use a website for applications but use discord is terms of all RP, both written and in-game.  We have a flourishing community that dates back to GTA V with an admin team dedicated to it's members.  


Unlike many of our counterparts we don't specify in outlaw or civilian or law roleplaying, we do all of the above.  With people active in all types, it's a play to enjoy the great roleplaying elements of this game in a great community with active members.


Currently we do RPs for all timezones, at least 5 times a week.  If you would like to join a vibrant community dedicated to it's RP.  Click here > https://www.newhanoverrp.com


Thank you 

Saint Talos 

(Luther Saint Jackson)


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