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Crashing this morning



Anyone else having issues this morning? Cant find my horse, get locked trying to buy anything or interact with NPCs and when I finally get my horse back I get disconnected the minute I try and ride any where.

 Tried for 3 hours this morning ... finally gave up .. on last try I thought we were back in business and I able to fast travel to Valentine only to find a stack of like 30 or so burned and dying draft horses outside of the train station .. really horrid visual there.  

 Should I try re-installing?  Which I hate to do because it takes so long.  Ugh ...  

Also yesterday one of the new missions got locked up right at the end and wouldn't finish ... couldn't progress or get out of the mission without shutting game down.  Thought it was just a one off but now not so sure.  


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I agree I am doing well if I get 15-25 mins of game play before I disconnect to a blue screen with the CE-34878-0 message. 
Ability cards are not working either. I have been one shotted by a rank 16 then a rank 20 in free roam. When using my "never without one" ability card! 

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