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RDO Horses own 2 the same?


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If you have the open stalls I don't see why the game wouldn't let you. Why would you want to Arabians though? Ask anybody who has had one online for awhile and they will yell you those are the stupidest most dumbest horses of them all. 

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Arabians are very skittish. The Fox Trotter is one of the top horses in-game. But all horses have good and bad points. I have a mid-tier work horse but it's agility is crazy good. It just can't sprint fast. Some go for longer distances, some like the shire are very tanky. I've never been catapulted off my shire, he wrecks anything that runs into him, plus he has the biggest feet and will mow down small game and NPCs with barely any aiming. Where as the lighter breeds run right over the rabbit etc without touching it.  


I have the arabian on my PS account and only use it for racing. I never bothered with the white one I caught in singleplayer. Good for a short sprint but not much else and mine always run off at the slightest rustle of a bush. 

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