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  1. I suggest you think more carefully before accusing someone. Considering both myself and another member of this forum were both able to get in and out of the posse each day. Secondly, the ‘players I have been having issue with’ were most certainly griefers. They started by shooting me and my posse mates while we were simply riding along a pathway hunting on our way to the next stranger mission. They then shot and killed us every time we respawned. We changed servers because we ddn’t want to waste time with them when two of us had to log off soon. They then turned up on the new server and killed us again. But, according to you, I am a griefer. So, as a griefer, I am now no longer going to come onto this forum as I do not enjoy this hostility.
  2. I was lvl12 when I joined the Blue Hare crew, found them on here. It's always worth looking around and asking. (I hit lvl58 last night)
  3. Could have been a hacker? Or a game glitch. I've seen players without dots before, (Griefers who hunted me and my posse across two serves). Still haven't figured out how they did that. (The no-dots thing)
  4. It certainly feels like you have been launched. I've ended up on the floor quite a distance away from my horse over the years. Most of the time I've no memory of the trip, only the before 'oh sh*t' moment and the 'ouch that hurts' afterward ones.
  5. The only way to force instant offensive/defensive would be to hack the game somehow... As far as I know.
  6. Hey! A cowboy has to have standards! (And she told me she would blow my ****s off if I didn't use it.)
  7. Yeah, I've come across these. I even spent ages and a whole bag of dynamite on trying to blow up a tiny desk that was blocking my access to such a box. No luck.
  8. @dredd1961 A fully bonded shire even with basic saddle and stirrups does surprisingly well in free roam, so there may be something to gearing one up for racing. Now you have me wanting to try my stable of very varied mounts. (Shire, American Standardbred, Hungarian Halfbred and SE Thoroughbred.) I Just got my MFT last night and she is amazing. A little skittish but she has no bonding yet, and so responsive.
  9. A) No, not every person who reacts to griefers by shooting them will turn into a griefer. That is two entirely different mindsets. The griefer mindset usually is: "I want to mess this person up so they pay attention to me/make me feel powerful/etc. The victim mindset is usually: "This guy is repeat-shooting me/my horse for no reason. I want to give him back some of his own medicine. B) It IS possible to know. If someone shoots you out of the blue with no context in the game for doing so, and then shoots you again when you respawn. He. Is. A. Griefer.
  10. This is why I am going to make my profile offline. I was trolled/chased across several servers by some tool with too much time on his hands and a posse of weak-willed fools. Thus, to avoid the idiocy, I'll turn on 'offline'. Doesn't mean I am a griefer.
  11. I use https://gamerdvr.com/ on the PC to access my clips and shots while here on the forum. Save to your PC then upload to the forum.
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