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  1. Just to confirm your suspicions ... Yes to all of the above, except #4 as I have never used it, but probably same,.... and so many more I won't even list (and I'm on PS4) The default to cattleman is I believe their subtle way of trying to balance the game out. Seems I default to cattleman when allot of lower ranks are in the session even if I change/double check it before starting...And my quick draw defaults to whatever the last weapon I used regardless of what I set it to. No content, no bug fixes, and I've been picking up 1 to 5 year old AAA PC games for $3 to $20 my time
  2. I'll add my 2 cents. I appreciate this board and the effort put into it. It's a great design, well managed and allot of useful information about the game since day 1. IMO and as others have said it's like Rockstar has just given up on the game (along with allot of the players) and using it as a test ground for GTO 5 & 6 I mean just the last couple of days in the game...same bugs that have lingered since day one and now I shoot animals they don't die, my hunting wagon will no longer go into the swamp (even on main roads) , level 6 player can sneak up behind me and shoot me bu
  3. Taking a shot in the dark here but new guns are sent directly to your horse. Need to scroll through weapon wheel while standing next to or on your horse. If they ain't on your horse try fleeing your horse and calling it back or switching horses at the stables. Also would try clearing cache.. which is basically restarting the console and holding buttons. PC I don't know how you would clean cache. If they still not there and you really want the stuff you going to have to go through support channel, noting you may have to ask them to escalate the ticket..and that w
  4. Just switch to and stay in defensive they got it set to the point where you are practically invisible to ranks higher than you and lowers see you as a light blue blip. They also can't lasso you with their free reinforced lasso. Having someone Pressing charges against you 1 or 2, 3 or 4 times has no effect. You feed and Pat your horse and just ride away and hunt/fish it goes back down in 5 to 10 minutes. Same thing I said in my original response, someone messes with me I just respond as required. It rarely ever works out in their favor. I've never pressed charges on anyone..
  5. Nothing has changed...It's an old griefers trick. They lose, they press charges and jump servers. Only the person that dies can press charges. And I'm not 100% sure but if they hit you first and turn red (ie. Why they use the lasso or fist fight) they are supposed to lose the ability to press charges but game is a bug filled mess as many of us know. I've never griefed only self defense but pretty sure after a whole lot of people pressing charges against you and you reach high hostility, you lose access to the butcher, moonshine shack and post office and it will kick yo
  6. I'm going to like this post because it lists pretty much all the same issues I am having (PS4 pro) I can do the moonshine missions and deliveries but sometimes they just time out. Bounty Hunter is just not working at all for me. Animals seem to be a Nerf gone haywire in my opinion. If you clean out your satchel and backlog at Cripps they seem to appear a little, especially if no one is around. I'm also going to like this post because it explains why some dude beat the daylights out of me yesterday using the caranco and a repeater. Couldn't hit him free aim or autoaim, and I k
  7. IMO I just don't get R* launch and handling of this game … Things I pretty much have opinion or facts on…. Shows only 2.5% of players reach level 50 in trophy section of PS4 GTO still outsells this game. Every quarterly report lists RDO as 4th behind GTO, WWE and NBA 2k in microtransactions (although they no longer break out exact numbers) I see 16 to 32 players on my lobby list yet you can easily ride about half the map in an hour or so and rarely run into other players anymore. Maybe a few Solo's and a posse or 2, generally infighting or shooting up a town
  8. My take on this question... (was hanging around, hoping for some news of an update because an increase in squirrels ain't cutting it...and Today's update is newbie collectors bonus XP...blah.. doesn't do nothing for me) Bottom line I think the tree/ maps are player specific RNG or based on some algorithm…. and not just hanging around like collectables. Better off working on XP and getting them every 5 levels 90% of the time I find those maps in the woods pinned to a tree I am doing a bounty. Generally they are there on the way to the sheriff office with the timer c
  9. To answer your question... Been that way since Beta for me at least. I don't know if it's a bug or R* subtle little way of trying to coax you into his missions which used to be primarily player assassination... I haven't seen one of them in months Sometimes you can pick it up, sometimes you can't... Everytime it's a pain in the a$$. Just need to give him a buffer zone if carrying a carcass.
  10. To answer the question….3 GB download , ps4 pro. 1 hour of play. 2 ravens and a bird in the bush at same time. ( I took the 2 birds in the hand rather than the 1 in the bush). 1 alligator in middle of the swamp and I ain't swimming out there for the carcass. On the plus side cripps has been drunk in the woods or something for at least a week now. He finally pitched a tent today without me trying unsuccessfully. Game crashed as I found last piece of lost jewelry, I just never logged back in. IMO, Game is still look for collectables or do a mission/bounty. 16 or les
  11. No problem. My communication on this thread has been subpar When I stated bugged I meant on the OP's end. I originally told him to break the windows, but thought that the doors had worked. Just correcting myself. And Yeah it was 4 of wands I believe. Personally i don't follow the cycles (there are great maps out there)and most the time just ride once around buildings using tier3 unblinking eye for the "jingling noise. " collectables to me are just more money with nothing new to buy. I got like 9 or 10 of every liquor anyway except 1, been drinking it, using it i
  12. So since I tried to answer OP question and madam nazar is right their today I went over to emerald saloon. I can walk in door on back and door on right. Door on left is locked. No liquor, but found a card. It's bugged.. just like others said...I would wait for cycle change
  13. Yes that's all I play is online. I just got a bottle from their the other day. It's behind the bar and I had to duck to grab it. Their are a few locations that I jump through the window (since it's the most fun you can have without animals) and or you can break the window (bullet or I prefer the hammer) and climb through. Couple locations you can climb on the roof (ie. Near van horn). It could be bugged, like so much of the game. Some times if you log off and come back it works or moves
  14. 3 Break and/ or jump through the window. Emerald saloon I think their is a door though.
  15. This game is an absolute unnecessary crapshoot right now, my only tips (…. My advice to those trying to max trader if you get into a solo lobby, focus on high quality small and medium animals that are persistent. Sell large pelts and anything else to butcher...cash in hand is better than losing it in a crash. Also you get 1000xp on resupply, no need to give everything to cripps, you'll be level20 in no time. Personally I get solo lobby I focus on the $1.50+ birds and meat. Also, Yep it seems they either nerfed, patched the legendary bounties or it's another bug but if you t
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