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  1. Just to confirm your suspicions ... Yes to all of the above, except #4 as I have never used it, but probably same,.... and so many more I won't even list (and I'm on PS4) The default to cattleman is I believe their subtle way of trying to balance the game out. Seems I default to cattleman when allot of lower ranks are in the session even if I change/double check it before starting...And my quick draw defaults to whatever the last weapon I used regardless of what I set it to. No content, no bug fixes, and I've been picking up 1 to 5 year old AAA PC games for $3 to $20 my time on RDO is diminishing. I even got GTA5 for free (and honestly I'm not impressed) Love the game but it's severely neglected
  2. I'll add my 2 cents. I appreciate this board and the effort put into it. It's a great design, well managed and allot of useful information about the game since day 1. IMO and as others have said it's like Rockstar has just given up on the game (along with allot of the players) and using it as a test ground for GTO 5 & 6 I mean just the last couple of days in the game...same bugs that have lingered since day one and now I shoot animals they don't die, my hunting wagon will no longer go into the swamp (even on main roads) , level 6 player can sneak up behind me and shoot me but I can't shoot back because my character freezes, etc, etc. Rockstar needs to do something, even just make a statement about future of the game. Other games my kid plays are still updating regularly even with lockdowns/work from home. Does anybody care about 80% off Darned stockings? IDK. In my stay at home world, I've hooked my PC to my 4k TV and just being drifting further and further away from RDO.
  3. Taking a shot in the dark here but new guns are sent directly to your horse. Need to scroll through weapon wheel while standing next to or on your horse. If they ain't on your horse try fleeing your horse and calling it back or switching horses at the stables. Also would try clearing cache.. which is basically restarting the console and holding buttons. PC I don't know how you would clean cache. If they still not there and you really want the stuff you going to have to go through support channel, noting you may have to ask them to escalate the ticket..and that world is on lockdown so at first you may get some worthless advice/fill-ins. Going to take some time and patience with support though.
  4. Just switch to and stay in defensive they got it set to the point where you are practically invisible to ranks higher than you and lowers see you as a light blue blip. They also can't lasso you with their free reinforced lasso. Having someone Pressing charges against you 1 or 2, 3 or 4 times has no effect. You feed and Pat your horse and just ride away and hunt/fish it goes back down in 5 to 10 minutes. Same thing I said in my original response, someone messes with me I just respond as required. It rarely ever works out in their favor. I've never pressed charges on anyone.... It's all just a (broken) game, you can just switch servers (wait a couple minutes so they can't follow you) if they go on a griefer rage.
  5. Nothing has changed...It's an old griefers trick. They lose, they press charges and jump servers. Only the person that dies can press charges. And I'm not 100% sure but if they hit you first and turn red (ie. Why they use the lasso or fist fight) they are supposed to lose the ability to press charges but game is a bug filled mess as many of us know. I've never griefed only self defense but pretty sure after a whole lot of people pressing charges against you and you reach high hostility, you lose access to the butcher, moonshine shack and post office and it will kick you from session. Ie. Why they jump servers. Also pretty sure They also have a dumb system in place that if a lower level player gets killed by a higher level player they spawn them farther away and turn them blue. But like everything else in game it doesn't work right. System been screwed up and abused since day 1. My overall summary R* doesn't know how they want to position this game and everything is shrouded in the mystery of how it supposed to work vs how it actually works...is it GTO, is it something in-between... I just let others take the first shot and respond as required.
  6. I'm going to like this post because it lists pretty much all the same issues I am having (PS4 pro) I can do the moonshine missions and deliveries but sometimes they just time out. Bounty Hunter is just not working at all for me. Animals seem to be a Nerf gone haywire in my opinion. If you clean out your satchel and backlog at Cripps they seem to appear a little, especially if no one is around. I'm also going to like this post because it explains why some dude beat the daylights out of me yesterday using the caranco and a repeater. Couldn't hit him free aim or autoaim, and I kept switching passives and still couldn't do nothing. I don't care, if dude beats me fair and square but seems to me like he was glitching or something. I just tip my hat and parley and move on. Doesn't matter in scheme of things now and either way gives me something to do besides make money and find the same treasures over and over. At least people are playing game again, even if it brings back the griefers. Place felt like a graveyard last few weeks
  7. IMO I just don't get R* launch and handling of this game … Things I pretty much have opinion or facts on…. Shows only 2.5% of players reach level 50 in trophy section of PS4 GTO still outsells this game. Every quarterly report lists RDO as 4th behind GTO, WWE and NBA 2k in microtransactions (although they no longer break out exact numbers) I see 16 to 32 players on my lobby list yet you can easily ride about half the map in an hour or so and rarely run into other players anymore. Maybe a few Solo's and a posse or 2, generally infighting or shooting up a town, but towns are generally barren. Updates seem to be down to generally 3 times a year but it's like they throw crappy code on top of crappy code and never stop to fix it. Questions I would ask R*... What is there to buy, newbie or not….they have a right to make money but other than that $5 intial purchase I don't see any revenue stream going forward…. Even if I restarted today I could easily play this game and never spend a real world $. Are they trying to attract new players because I really don't think it's working. I've seen articles that they're thinking of expanding current roles, introduce new roles and whole bunch of other speculation but to me... Just seems like they are shooting themselves in the foot with the core player and losing players quicker than adding them. Make me happy… Bring back the damn animals but animals aside... Add something... you got Mexico from RDR1, a prison island that you can't get to, boats out in the rivers. More legendary bounties or stuff like the moonshine missions. Got to do something as it's like you log in and nothing ever changes. Like Pavlov and his drooling dog I'm starting to become conditioned to nothing will ever get better. I don't know just my venting opinion but the game has so much potential being squandered away. Map seems to be getting small and dailies aren't a challenge but a chore.
  8. My take on this question... (was hanging around, hoping for some news of an update because an increase in squirrels ain't cutting it...and Today's update is newbie collectors bonus XP...blah.. doesn't do nothing for me) Bottom line I think the tree/ maps are player specific RNG or based on some algorithm…. and not just hanging around like collectables. Better off working on XP and getting them every 5 levels 90% of the time I find those maps in the woods pinned to a tree I am doing a bounty. Generally they are there on the way to the sheriff office with the timer clicking down. The other 10% of the time the tree maps are immediately before/after I pass a 0 or 5 level Sometimes during a bounty you also find a treasure Hunter selling them for $5. Most of the time I find treasure maps is looting them off enemies during an interactive event such bounties, defend campsite etc.. Most common thread is bounties….and my theory is that they are there because most bounties generally pay squat...dead or alive, 30 seconds or less. Have treasure maps been Nerfed... IDK. I'm maxed out but still get the one every five levels and did pull 2 off bodies last week. 1 was a bounty, the other was during a moonshine mission. Also bought one of a dude in the woods last week...But yeah they seem to be less frequent nowadays (like animals)
  9. To answer your question... Been that way since Beta for me at least. I don't know if it's a bug or R* subtle little way of trying to coax you into his missions which used to be primarily player assassination... I haven't seen one of them in months Sometimes you can pick it up, sometimes you can't... Everytime it's a pain in the a$$. Just need to give him a buffer zone if carrying a carcass.
  10. To answer the question….3 GB download , ps4 pro. 1 hour of play. 2 ravens and a bird in the bush at same time. ( I took the 2 birds in the hand rather than the 1 in the bush). 1 alligator in middle of the swamp and I ain't swimming out there for the carcass. On the plus side cripps has been drunk in the woods or something for at least a week now. He finally pitched a tent today without me trying unsuccessfully. Game crashed as I found last piece of lost jewelry, I just never logged back in. IMO, Game is still look for collectables or do a mission/bounty. 16 or less on a server everything is wonderful.
  11. No problem. My communication on this thread has been subpar When I stated bugged I meant on the OP's end. I originally told him to break the windows, but thought that the doors had worked. Just correcting myself. And Yeah it was 4 of wands I believe. Personally i don't follow the cycles (there are great maps out there)and most the time just ride once around buildings using tier3 unblinking eye for the "jingling noise. " collectables to me are just more money with nothing new to buy. I got like 9 or 10 of every liquor anyway except 1, been drinking it, using it in mash and selling it just to make room for more. Killing revenue agents is my primary source of antique alcohol. I still buy maps from madam nazar because I figure it makes R* happy . Tennessee whiskey seems to be one of the more common ones.
  12. So since I tried to answer OP question and madam nazar is right their today I went over to emerald saloon. I can walk in door on back and door on right. Door on left is locked. No liquor, but found a card. It's bugged.. just like others said...I would wait for cycle change
  13. Yes that's all I play is online. I just got a bottle from their the other day. It's behind the bar and I had to duck to grab it. Their are a few locations that I jump through the window (since it's the most fun you can have without animals) and or you can break the window (bullet or I prefer the hammer) and climb through. Couple locations you can climb on the roof (ie. Near van horn). It could be bugged, like so much of the game. Some times if you log off and come back it works or moves
  14. 3 Break and/ or jump through the window. Emerald saloon I think their is a door though.
  15. This game is an absolute unnecessary crapshoot right now, my only tips (…. My advice to those trying to max trader if you get into a solo lobby, focus on high quality small and medium animals that are persistent. Sell large pelts and anything else to butcher...cash in hand is better than losing it in a crash. Also you get 1000xp on resupply, no need to give everything to cripps, you'll be level20 in no time. Personally I get solo lobby I focus on the $1.50+ birds and meat. Also, Yep it seems they either nerfed, patched the legendary bounties or it's another bug but if you try to hunt before getting the bounty most of the animals just vanish. To avoid dropping the skin thing you need to put your gun away b4 skinning but that doesn't always work, just have to pick it up. Pain in the as*. Killing all the NPCs and tying up the bounty or dragging the corpse around works best for solo lobby hunting but that kinda hard since I'm on all 5* bounties and they made them impossible for solos* I am having better but rare luck getting into solo lobbies after doing a moonshine delivery (which doesn't pay me the right amount) or mission replay on occasions. Mini spoiler 5* red ben below... Even without animal spawns everything else is all frustrating bs right now. I guess R* doesn't like to lose and whole game is bugged out mess.
  16. I've said about all I'm going to say on the state of this game and I think all day one players have come to realization that bug fixes will be slow, content will be drip fed and when the fixes and content come it will cause new issues. I really don't expect a major bug fix till March. I think it should be clarified that when you talk R* support, you're actually talking to an outsourced 3rd party customer service company, Zendesk. Level 1support is pretty far removed from the actual management team at R*. (Ie. Look at the bottom of the email you receive from them...says powered by Zendesk). I would take anything they tell you with a grain of salt. Only thing this game has going in it's favor right now is that the games I'm looking forward to all got delayed...cyberpunk and avengers. The 211 day streak and interactive moonshine events are the only thing keeping me going when their are no animals in basic free roam. Plus I deliver $240 moonshine (1 bottle broken when driving over a twig)and get paid $38...why bother
  17. My short answer: Yes. but I think it's a combination of more cheesy R* programming and a level the playing field attempt as I just think they may have taken duals out of free rooms. The only possible solution I can think of and been meaning to try, but haven't yet, is to change to one of those premade outfits before jumping in to see if that works vs a custom outfit My long answer... I have every bug listed on the internet since the moonshine update (I think R* has me on this guy plays too much, complains too much and doesn't spend any money... let's put him on the fustrate the BLEEP out of him build) However this is one of those things I think is a behind the scenes "level the playing field" attempts that R* makes. Side arm challenge is one of the few free roam events I still play and Everytime I enter I no longer have dual pistols. It is kinda hard to tell in the heat of battle but I do believe that nobody has the dual pistols in that event anymore. At least one time though I believe others had duals and I didn't. (Yet I still came in 2nd but the winner had double my score.) There is also that passive for duals that gets rendered useless in that event if you have no dual loadout...so that might have something to do with it. And yes I too enter free roam events and they flip my guns around and for some reason I wind up with the $%#@ cattleman and/or high roller revolver which I never use/or clean (they're my swimming guns) but somehow they wind up in my loadout. No longer able to call your horse to fix either... which is what I used to be able to do. On the flip side I have certain custom outfits where I lose the duals on equip and need to go to camp or tailor to reset it. So really don't have a solution.
  18. Yes, same thing going on several days now PS4. I know it's them because my kid plays that plants vs zombies for hours with no issues Cleaning cache doesn't seem to help at all When I did get in today camp was empty shell and no moonshine shed. Last night, 50% of everythingI skinned or looted would just disappear So I just doing some dailies and jumping off and hoping they doing work in the background.
  19. I don't like to steal memes from other sites but I found this one funny...game has turned into a walking/horse riding simulator since moonshine update. IDK. Sometimes I log in and their are tons of animal spawns (usually the solo or 12 or less lobbies) most times it's only crows and Ravens. Sunday game was completely unplayable... everything was greyed out and my camp was just a fast travel and lockbox..so maybe/hopefully they doing some backend database work in background. @Kean_1.... just some housekeeping... shouldn't post tittle be 1/7/20 update .
  20. Yes...this solution works. The issue I am having is the legendary bounty pays out less meat if you skin them and for some reason I drop the pelt at first Everytime. PIA (pain in the a$$). If you kill everyone (all the enemies) and put the bounty on your horse.. live or dead you can roam around for hours hunting (seems to be no time limit). Been paying me a $100 a pop if they delivered alive 3* plus, and it's kinda a nice just to gallop around and listen to them babble. They escape I just bola and hogtie them again and the bounty Hunter reward is fine even without the meat/skins. Also if you run a 3* bounty and complete it, you sometimes also still get put on a private server and while my camp won't spawn I can still deliver everything to the butcher. Naturally this solution doesn't work on bounties with multiple targets that can escape and end the mission It's Christmas so I hope this helps some one and kinda of in a F R* mood (and credit to the posters who originally posted these solutions here and on Reddit) *** shouldn't have to be looking for solo lobbies to play a MMORPG and working through so many bugs, but it is what it is.*** They probably Nerf these options too, so get why you can.
  21. To answer your questions... 1. Like most I find the Lancaster the better weapon. When you go to shoot a flock of birds rapidly it hits all or most, The Litchfield generally starts to miss after a couple of kills. You can clear a hideout with the Lancaster easily, Litchfield is garbage in those situations. Personally I prefer a rifle, the bolt action or Springfield over any repeater, Especially PVP or any fight. Rifle to is better for clean kills. Evans repeater is also just okay for rapid fire but I think better than the Litchfield, not as good as Lancaster. 2. Bounty wagon is kind of a waste of money if you ain't going hunting with a posse. It's also only useful if you have 2 or more live bounties which their aren't very many missions anyway. 1 alive, 1 dead you can just drag the dead one by lasso and stow the live on the horse. The 3+ bounties on a mission it's useful but their very hard to do as a solo. I've used it a couple of times as a solo but if you ain't got lots of money in game or a posse it's kinda of money drop. You have to get all 2+ bounties tied up, or the corpses carried to the nearest road before you can use it. Yes it is like the trader wagon you have to dismiss your horse B4 you can call it. It came in handy for the one legendary bounty but IMO not a great investment that will pay off In the near term, unless you rolling with a posse.
  22. Except for the fact that as a female character I get to wear my White and Pink winter "GTO style" outfit I care nothing about the snow. Hope it ain't going to get Blizzard like "wolfman 5* bounty". I'm prepared though. Obviously steps you can take to beat a blizzard. This is my list of Christmas presents R* has given me since last update (or my wish list of things they would fix)… Black screen of death. Moonshine disappears on crash Unable to enter moonshine shed and immediately after you can't mount or call your horse. Unable to loot some bodies Unable to hogtie some bounties that are tied with bolas Guns show up in wrong slots. Or wrong guns show up in the slots (that one's been lingering since day 1) Unable to get Cripps special stew to register for challenge Unable to enter cover or auto aim against Terminator Revenue agents. (If you going to make me free aim and I need 2 headshots against them at least let me enter cover) Large pelts/fish (again) and butchers disappear after fast travel. And NO *$#+&$%* ANIMALS! Sorry I'd go "moan" over at Reddit but I need to make a video or funny meme B4 I'd get some traction. Better yet I'd be quiet if they fixed 30% of this stuff
  23. I’ll keep this conversation going with a rant (because I have no animals to hunt) Don’t think that animal spawns is a “troubleshooting” issue but best can be called a Nerf**.…. **Hopefully, R* is not incompetent to have a bug going on for this long. Their first mistake was releasing new content on a weekend during Christmas time. From a project management perspective it's a big no-no. R* seems great with visual and GUI, but their server and database programming leaves something to be desired. I'm like "John Snow" and know nothing but I sometimes wonder (and believe) that R* and allot of these gaming companies like to run multivariate tests and stuff like that. My thought is that they want to see what players do when there are no animals. Kill each other? Kill NPC’s? It’s an option but it’s played. I could also just play GTO if I wanted to do that. Play PVP? The answer for me is no because I played it for the first 6 months and it was enjoyable. Now It's repetitive game modes, everybody got maxed out Passives and use the darn explosive stuff. Nevermind the dumb tobacco, potions, booze and big game meat. PVP needs a complete revamp and some new concepts. Moonshine? I don't know, except for the missions IMO it's another wagon delivery game, and low ROI in my view. Put me in a rickety old wagon, on a server with posses floating around and then send me into a group of Terminators. It's amazing that I've been successful ...when it doesn't crash! I own an expensive bar that's cosmetic only too Collector? Beyond boring but profitable. Bounty Hunt? I enjoyed the bounties at first but now they are becoming repetitive and frustrating . At least for me, They took away the private lobbies with tons of animal spawns and now they like to put bounties in locations with one-way route, in a cave, on a snowy mountain or on a train where you can't jump to it or pass it. Stuff like that... And then just spawn enemies like there is no tomorrow for $15 to $50. I’ve even had some bounties jump off a cliff to their death. My horse always seems to suddenly get ill, the bola cost is ridiculous, they just started registering for the challenge and sometimes I can’t hogtie them.I love a good challenge but Bounty Hunting needs to fun and not frustrating (same thing I sent to R*) They want suggestions… Let me pay to upgrade the dumpy wagon, or let me buy that small wagon you can steal from the NPCs and it handles like a sports car. Add more interactive events, legendary or 3* bounties without all the BS. Revamp PVP. I don't know sniper shooting for points, quick draw showdown. They want to make money on this Freemium model I'd bet private lobbies would sell. I got 170+ day streak going. I lose it I don't see myself doing another 170. IMO Animal spawns needs to be resolved soon. I hope anyone who is not happy with this no animal Sh*t will let their voices be heard… https://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadonline/feedback sorry for the rant.
  24. RDO is now vegan friendly All I know is until they fix this bug/Nerf I'm taking out the dairy cows and beating the Java chickens with a hammer daily as a sign of protest. It's so bad that I believe some dude stole my perfect cow pelt off the back of my horse while I was clearing a hideout (and the only reason I didn't torch him and his 2 man posse is because I'm not sure and have had a couple of large pelts disappear bug happening again)
  25. My Christmas wish list is I wish I could even make moonshine... I make it, I flavor it, I go to sell it game goes to black screen of death, crashes all gone. . Curse out R* via support and I move on. Rinse and repeat. I'm beyond maxed out on treasure maps so at least I have something to do besides dailies, and wander the animal free map. IMO. Collector is the most profitable and most boring, don't even need the full set, just buy her little maps and use unblinking eye and that stuff shows up everywhere. bounty Hunter is 2nd most especially if you can still get a private lobby filled with spawns. (Which they seemed to have Nerfed too). That Navy pistol is best part of the update. It was only $275 and with Express loads and paired with a semiautomatic pistol with high velocity t's my new favorite sidearm Combo.
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