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Made 11.5 gold bars and 25k xp in one session


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I was about to log in and should have no goldto start today as I used it all last night, as I log in I get my daily bonus for levels completed the day before, I get 2 gold bars, so ok, cool.

I get in and have 2.34 I think, something like that.

before it was over I  made and spent 11.5 gold bars.

My daily challenges hit day 21 today, and my multiplier went up to 2.5!!!

So just doing the daily challenges I could have made 3.5 gold bars, I get .5 gold bars for each daily challenge I complete now for the next week, then it goes up again.

I did 5 of them, so 2.5 bars, plus the 2 bars I got when logging in, thats 4.5 gold bars, the rest I earned doing stranger missions and letting the clock go to 30 seconds, I did 8 to 10 of them, plus several hideouts, a few ambushes, a couple encounters, etc...

I hunted the whole time as I was trying to level up two new ability cards I am going to run, one of them needs less than 900 xp points to go to tier 3, and that means I made just under 25000xp all together.

I played from 10:30 am til around 4.

I have a nice system right now with this bonus, I am going to go back in later and try to hit a whole other level, I need like 900 to hit 123, so I want to then hit 124 before I log off if I can, so tomorrow Ill start with 3 bars, plus daily challenges.

 It was the most productive day I have had yet with both xp and gold.

 I can almost count  on 5 gold bars a day if I keep leveling up 2 levels a day.

Funny thing is I am only using gold on my guns and I am nearly done with them all, but thats what I did, I made my dual sawed off shotguns a combo of black and gold today, I dont even use them much anymore lol but I figured until all my guns are done, this is all need gold for.

I think now I am going to use the remainder of the daily challenge bonus for the cougar saddle I need.

Anyway, point is, this is a great time to be leveling up in RDR2O.

If you are just getting started or you have been around, its a great time to log in everyday and even if you just do one daily challenge you can get the bonus, and it adds up.


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I hope that didnt sound all braggy, I didnt mean it like that, I was just blown away.

I did it again today, another 11 gold bars and 2 levels gone so yeah it is a thing right now the way these promotions and bonuses are working.

Im thinking for the next week or so, I should be able to keep this up and make 11 or more gold bars a day, since I dont need anything except the panther saddle I will get that and then save the rest for something that comes along later one I guess.

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