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Pagan Ritual site theory


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So, after many months of pondering this and seeing what others have done there with re-animating bodies both human and animal, I had a thought.

When you first discover the site there is half a body there with a mask on it and a goats head at the alter for a sacrifice as if someone was in progress with a ritual already.

Recently others have posted pics and videos of still dead yet full bodies there when they arrive, on the ground, after the initial visit when they found the half body on the post in the center, they came back and then found a full body, lying on the ground, all grey but full with legs and arms. so my thought is this.

What if when you discover the site, instead of taking the mask, you first go get 4 deer carcasses, or even maybe npc human carcasses, I dunno, but either way 4 carcasses, (in the case of the deer, use 3* carcasses.) and put one on each point of the sacrifice area, just like has been done to re-animate deer, and then leave the site and come back, do you think it is possible to re-animate the existing body that you find when you get there?

And what if, (this is a long shot stretch, but what the heck, a secondary thought, what if that body ends up being Gavin?)

Ok, forget Gavin for a minute, what if the purpose of this site is to bring the dead back, and when we find it, it is all set up, except the sacrifices that need to be added?

I wonder.... I wonder if it would work with 4 humans, 4 deer, 4 wolves, etc.. based on your play through honor level at the time you discover this, also, at what point in the story would be best to actually discover it? and does that matter?

I dont know, But I think there might be something to this, I think it is possible to re-animate the existing body we find when we discover the site, I am going back to my play through and trying various things with this in hopes to better understand what its purpose is and what if anything we can learn or discover.

Im still working on this theory but I felt like maybe others have similar thoughts so I wanted to put it out there.

It just seems to me it is all set up for an event of some kind, and we now know we can bring back animals and so I am goign to assume under the correct set of circumstances a human being as well, so, why not the human being we find there when we discover it?


Also, NOTE:

"One another side note, some have said, they think since the nearby Monolith is so close that it may be related, I do not, I think rather the monolith has ties to the portal used by Sinclair to time travel, the Egyptians I believe thought about Monoliths as some sort of portals, I might have that wrong, I heard it recently and Egyptians stuck in my head but I could be wrong with that, however someone in history had thought of them as portals in some way, and that made me think, perhaps un-related to the Pagan site this could be the portal that we see Francis Sinclair stepping through in the collage in his cabin, but I digress, this is about the Pagan site."

Ill get back to this one later, but I had to include it as it often comes up in these discussions about the Pagan site.


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