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Legend Marauders Recruitment [Xbox]


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Legend Marauders is opening recruitment for any level. We are accepting members of all ages, genders, races and sexuality as long as you are mature and want to build together in making an awesome Posse. 

Legend Marauders is a Militia Themed Posse. We conduct training days for everyone seeking improvement on their gameplay, we have uniforms in the works and uniforms available for training days. 

We are currently looking for new members that want to help us build a community that'll go beyond Red Dead Redemption. If you are interested in joining the Legend Marauders, Please contact us at the following Gamertags: 

Drenched Raven



These are their Xbox Gamertags. Message us when you're interested in getting work done on Red Dead Redemption 2.  Please take a look below at our simple, easy to follow requirements. :)


Rule 1 : respect others 
Rule 2 : no toxicity 
Rule 3 : random killings that cause the gang to get into trouble is not ok 
Rule 4 : recruits must go through a proccess to have a well foundation 
Rule 5 : orders are orders follow them 
Rule 6 : Drama within legend marauders between members must be solved without bringing harm to our gang 
Rule 7 : you do not need to attend everyday or every event although must be attentive to the crew 
Rule 8 : if you have an idea fot the crew please dm me and we shall consider 
Rule 9 : meetings will be an essential building tool for our communuty please be respectful of it 
Rule 10 : be well prepared and willing 
Rule 11 : Follow the rules 😎

Thank you and hope to see you on the trail. 

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