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Twitch/Prime promotions and GTA-V/RDR2O


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So, I signed up for the free trial back on July 9th.

I linked my accounts and social club and was rewarded with the expected rewards.

I dont own GTA V, but I saw there were not only rewards for that game as well, (1.2 million if you sign up before July 19th) and some other stuff plus the 54 cards that they have now added to the game that if you collect them all will give you a future reward in RDR2.

My question is, if I buy GTA V this weekend while it is on sale still, and I link it to my social club account, do you think I will then get those twitch/prime rewards and benefits?

I wasnt planning on buying it but I figured for the sale price if I can get the additional rewards plus a chance to hunt down those 54 cards it would be worth it.

I can buy the online premium edition that comes with the Megalodon shark card worth 8 million $ gta money for $40.40, saving around $100.00 or more so for that much of a discount, and while I still have the twitch prime thing I figured I may as well do it.

I plan to cancel the twitch/prime thing before the 19th when my free month subscription ends as I dont use Amazon or twitch it doesnt make any sense for me to pay for it just to get these few benefits.

Has anyone else recently purchased gta V and set up their twitch/prime subscription promotion?

Do you think that If I buy the game now, after the fact, that I will get those promotional rewards?

I would just hate to spend the $40 and then find out for some reason that I cant get the free penthouse or the 1.2 million etc...


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