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Jolly Raiders Recruiting (ps4)


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Hello we are a friendly militia style posse, we use discord to communicate and have a military style ranking system. We are a mature group of players ranging from 15-60+ who just enjoy playing the game, our levels vary from level 20-275. We aren't GRIEFERS but if we are fired upon we will shoot back. Also if a member is being griefed we will do our best to jump in the session and lend a hand. We generally run free roam missions and run the timer down and everyone will go off and hunt we also run other things such as showdowns and story missions. If you could wear an item of green when you are in a session as that is part of the Jollys uniform. If you are interested feel free to message me on my psn nathrylo or diabolicVinny, and Wishkah77

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