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18+ (CAN/US) PS4 - The Hooligans


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Oh hey there neighbour! It’s us, The Hooligans. We’re a ragtag gang of Canadians. But we get pretty crazy for Canadians! Sometimes we catch the bad guys and don’t even say sorry. Keeps me up at night, but its what they deserve eh?

Anyhoo, we’re looking fer other folks with the heart o’ Canada in ‘em who wanna make the most of the coming update! What with trading and the bounty hunting and the treasure hunting and the whatnots! Let’s get a full crew runnin’ and cause some Canadian hooliganism! (While respecting the law and our fellow citizens, fer sure y’know eh?)

For clarity’s sake: Persistent posse looking for dedicated players keen to approach the upcoming update with intensity and dedication. Message me with some information to discuss an invite, some slots still available.

Or feel free to add up Ubnoctious on PSN

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