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The Foreman Gang!

Lionel Foreman

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C65B0094-1469-47F9-911F-6B688E34F865.jpeg.66e9479e5d836c40ffcd0e876ac9d52e.jpegHowdy ya’ll!

Lionel Foreman here recruiting for my posse/gang. We are a roleplay type of gang on XBOX ONE, recently just started up hoping to get more loyal members to come join us.


About Us:

We are a roleplay outlaw gang/posse based around Valentine and the northern area of the map. We are a structured gang meaning we have ranks within the gang and roles you can take up if you want them like Wagon Driver or Wagon Guard for instance.

for those who are new to the roleplay or don't know what or how its done in our gang ill explain. Basically we each have our own characters, style and name and we just immerse ourselves into that role and world it’s all pretty relaxed (don't need to put on a voice if you don't want to haha). We do everything normally like a posse would but adding that extra roleplay brings more fun and separation from just running round aimlessly.


Some of the things we get up too:

all the basic posse type stuff, helping each other out, missions/jobs, showdowns, hunting all that type of stuff and now all the roles thanks to the update. Sometimes we do Fight Clubs, Duels and stuff like that!


Requirements to join:

A working mic, 18 or over, xbox one and a RDR character obviously!


If you are interested or want to hear more drop a comment or add me on xbox.

GT: Lionel Foreman

Thanks for reading hope to see you soon!

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