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Hunting wagon - 2 questions



Im almost rank 10 trader and very hyped for the hunting wagon

1 - Can you store big Aligators skins ? How many ? Not the small aligators that you stow many on your horse, but the big skin rolls (1 per horse)

2 - Can you use one of your stable horses to ride the hunting wagon ? I have the Shire and Belgian (drafts)

Thanks in advance

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Ok, questions answered by myself, lol, I went on a grinding streak from rank 6 to 10 yesterday, it carries everything you can pick up after hunting, not fast but quite sturdy and damage resistant, easy on the curves and bumps and across water, you can drop stuff at Cripps or sell to Butcher, just make sure you dont park it too far from Butcher to work, it comes with it's own horse (Sufolk Punch), witch is a petty cause it has minimal stats and you can't use your own draft horses, cheers, hope I helped others on this matter, will call it a solved

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