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LoneStar Savior


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***LoneStar Saviors PS4 Exclusive***

In LoneStar Saviors we are a honorable posse with no tolerance to toxicity and greifing. Our objection is:

—- To be the best Bounty Hunters, Traders and Survivors in Red Dead Online. 

—-Our Morals are simple: We won’t fight back unless you provoke us. 

—- We can establish deals with affiliated posses such as supply runs, sells, and Bounty Hunting and Stranger Missions.

—- We will make sure that every affiliated posse and members will be fed and be survivors like us. Activities such as Hunting can be wholesome and enjoyable to know what it’s like to be in a family.

—- We will help them as reinforcements whenever they are in need of trouble with greifers or anything as far as roles goes.


Posse Colors are:

Blue/Light Blue/Dark



*A Saints Company*

*U.S. Marshal Service*

**Join the community that makes a difference**




If you like to join my Posse use the following to contact me:




Discord- Sultan#5059


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