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A tale from the frontier...


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I wanted to post a narrative about my online character hopefully keep a daily log of my online exploits in a like minded enviorment. Until the R* Editor comes to RD2O I can't make the video content I would like to make so I hope this outlet helps fill that story telling Roleplaying itch I have for this beautiful title.


Ruth Barnaby grew up on the streets of Saint Denis, she was on her own, not knowing her parents and growing up in such a place taught her some valuable albeit dishonorable skills such as pilfering jewelery, pickpocketing, lockpicking and various other no good talents. As she grew up she learned that this town wouldnt be where she wanted to live, hell she barley could survive the town better yet call it home so she saved a great deal of loot to try and get some new clothes and hitch a ride north on the train. In a few days she will depart and hopefully turn over a new leaf...


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