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  1. Story time, I saw another player doing a sell mission and they were solo and so was I, I moved to their location and took their wagon after dispatching them. after that I killed their horse non intentionally and it was not more than 10-15 seconds before they were back on horse back on my tail. this player had at least 20 easy oppertunities to take the wagon back from me but could not take it from me. I delivered the goods and finished the mission however it was not a sale for me it turned to raw materials so it is good in that respect but R* has balanced this properly giving the players equal opportunity to salvage their sale. This is not accounting for 7 mans with meta play styles blasting away at the traders that is my only gripe. in addition I wouldn't do this normally this was just to experiment with what would happen
  2. I'd really like for R* to add more functionality to the train stations I think you should be able to buy a train ticket and be able to get a ride on a passenger train, this would allow a passenger train to spawn with npc's and it would let you explore the train and maybe they could incorporate maybe new train cars like a food car where you can get food for meals as well as some cargo cars and additionally the passenger cars. I think this would allow players to get from one city to another with relative ease as well as give outlaws an opportunity to rob said trains hopefully with more player to npc interaction such as adding the Greet, Rob, Antagonize options under targeting them. Adding more variety to the trains would really liven up the tracks and make the post offices really feel like a great hub. Also can we please get more enter-able structures in towns or even new shops in later updates to smaller towns like Emerald and Annesburg. I also would love to see a town/city relationship tracker which would allow the player to help or hurt the town and give them a certain reputation in the towns themselves and also maybe promote helping the town for more benefits or even perks. favoring a town may allow you to get away with more before calling the sheriff. Give me the option to really care about these beautiful locations that have been crafted to promote world building! I think also adding new stranger events where players can be captured by bandits or muggers and other players would be notified to save them, that would be quite nice. Maybe make a good opportunity to make new pals I think if they are to revamp the camp system to make it easier to place and keep a camp I think a method of using your binoculars to find possible areas for camp sites and then maybe press a button to initiate the cut scene of Cripps arriving to set up camp. Also changing spawning to where if you set it to at your camp whenever you load into a lobby you have to join a lobby with an open space for your camp and then boom you are there and ready to go. Finally the last major change they should allow you to have preset configurations for the camps layout you can choose from to make things look so much better also be able to change your main centerpiece from a table to other features and such. If camps had more interactivity i would definitely spend a lot more time there, can we get more stuff to keep us busy or get the camp to be an actual camp like going to get firewood or chopping logs for a stockpile, fetching water to fill our horses troughs which could give them a stamina boost for a period of time, can we get a gun cleaning bench so we can get a thorough cleaning of the firearms that keep us safe, allow us to rest using our bed/bedroll and give the people who spent money on the larger tent and theme get more like perhaps the BH gets a bounty page or mini bounty board to go seek at a nearby area, the Trader can get a way where they can help Cripps craft goods faster, the collector can use the amusement attraction with the coin slot to give cryptic clues to where Madam Nazar is each day. I'd like to see our dogs not just be stuck in the rain when the weather changes. I also really want more npcs at camp this game could really use stuff like that over making it a shallow game. it has potential to be a great hybrid Adventure/MMO/Roleplaying game. I love the camp system but I really see players in RDO really enjoying player housing for I imagine a multitude of reasons however I think that if they introduce the system they should offer it in a number of towns as well as maybe some new wilderness location but they should restrict home ownership to one property per player. with the ability to change homes if one so desires but with having one home it does not totally make a players camp irrelevant. I want the homes to have customization similar to the master penthouse in GTAO however more indepth and meaningful not so shallow and forced. If recruitable NPC's would be an option imagine having people taking care of the home such as staff or even share a home with other NPC's for passive benefits.
  3. I usually try to spend at least %50 of my online time trying to RP with others on xbox I was just wondering if anyone on here had any groups to do so, I am in a discord but they seem pretty closed off the few times i tried to join their sessions. I'd also really like to discuss update ideas to enhance that side of the game such as more intractable items, more immersive means of travel and also just all around more features and things to do.
  4. This map looks like it incorrectly maps out the area near Blackwater? Why is this, Mexico is clearly there south but it just doesn't make a lick of sense. In addition to that there is a similar map to the left that leaves me with a lot of questions.
  5. I think the sessions just get really buggy I imagine depending on the way that the servers control spawn rates can be pretty temperamental. This update really added a lot of new content and npc's the game now has to balance/ worry about.
  6. I really enjoy using this forum to find quality info but Madam Nazar actually has a FB page that updates daily and also lets you know about other collector related events or news.
  7. To anyone past the level 100 mark I'd like to know if you still receive the treasure maps as an additional reward for progressing past the soft cap.
  8. I received the $200 after about 24 hours, the poncho I got almost immediately however. It does pop up a notice when you get it standard to R*
  9. I have no problem with using it for PVE I just idk I like to avoid just fighting with other players but when it happens I feel like they pull out dead eye when they are getting smoked
  10. Thank you, I really like the build options currently out however I feel that me using dead eye feels a little cheap so I tend to avoid using it unless I have to.
  11. I really wish they would incorporate a way to use your binoculars to scope out camp locations and when you see a valid one to allow you to tell cripps or place a placeholder and then establish your camp. I hate not having a way to consistently place down a camp with mechanics that require you to have your camp established. Also why is it that there are not enough spots for a full lobby to have their camps out its wild. Just another reason that R* should allow private/invite only lobbies.
  12. It's not I was looking for more speculation/ creative ideas, I have read this though and it gets me very excited.
  13. I don't have a daily strat however I have set a goal for myself I want to have my cards maxed and $10k and hopefully 35G for the next pass and the 10k by the end of the year
  14. The idea of RDO and the bright outlook the developers at R* really focusing on making RDO a much more involved environment really excites me, with that being said I have had a plethora of ideas for future content and one that rolls around my brain really has to be the idea of going to your camp and having Cripps tell you that he wants to branch out and that involves enlisting more help and saying that you should go to some of the nearby towns to find some help, then you go to a saloon and meet a new npc who helps you go through a list or generated bunch of handbills of special npc's with their own voice/personalities and skills, leading to you hiring and gaining them as a follower. I'd like to think of this as a very immersive update with the goal of being helpful and really fun. I realize that adding a mobile NPC companion to an online game like RD may seem out of place but with Cripps defending your camp and dogs as camp aid's I see the idea being not to far out. Idk let me know what you guys think about this wild idea.
  15. Is there a sub forum for update speculation/ideas? I am really curious to read through if anyone can shed some light on that for me
  16. I wanted to post a narrative about my online character hopefully keep a daily log of my online exploits in a like minded enviorment. Until the R* Editor comes to RD2O I can't make the video content I would like to make so I hope this outlet helps fill that story telling Roleplaying itch I have for this beautiful title. Ruth Barnaby grew up on the streets of Saint Denis, she was on her own, not knowing her parents and growing up in such a place taught her some valuable albeit dishonorable skills such as pilfering jewelery, pickpocketing, lockpicking and various other no good talents. As she grew up she learned that this town wouldnt be where she wanted to live, hell she barley could survive the town better yet call it home so she saved a great deal of loot to try and get some new clothes and hitch a ride north on the train. In a few days she will depart and hopefully turn over a new leaf...
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