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Flickering blocks of pixels of right side of screen


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I'm having this issue inconsistently where a column of the rightmost part of my screen (1440p ultrawide), flickers random pixels. If I pause the game, they go away, and if I move or turn the screen they shift and change. This doesn't happen consitently, I had it almost not at all during Chaper 1, but now in camp at Chapter 2 it's almost constant. I have a GTX 1080, anyone else having issues like this?



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Hey @xsugarskull, thanks for the reply.

I'm running Version 441.12 (newest Nvidia drivers released 11/04/19 for RDR2).

It's true when I lower my settings (go to the first bar of "Balanced" for example), the issue doesn't show up as much as when I put it at higher settings, but I'd prefer to use the higher settings. I haven't yet been able to which setting is causing this. I do notice that even if I'm in lower settings, if I go into something that has a distortion (Deadeye for example), sometimes it will show up.

Any other thoughts?

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