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Deliverance posse is recruiting [PS4]


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Who are Deliverance? -
We are posse in its early stages (three involved in it so far). The posse will focus 50/50 on role-play and just normal play. Something for every play-type. Our overall aim is to have fun, form bonds and help one another. we are not an overly serious posse and like to have a laugh and are pretty chill.
Our members to date, average age of 25, have been in previous posses which have not delivered in what we need, which is what we aim to provide in this one.
What we can offer: -
  • a varied immersive role-play experience, where we look to play as our character with your own origin story, create and be a part of the posse's backstory and more!
  • Text roleplay where we can further advance your in-game character's story through Discord adding a further level of immersion.
  • if that's not for you, we will also be playing out of character where we can focus on free roam missions, collecting, bounties, trading, dailies, hunting, helping each other rank up and more.
  • We aim to have events and meet ups as we grow in size. Ideas would be welcome, but along the lines of photo competitions, story competitions, journeys and more.
  • We don't, at the moment focus on PVP events, but that could change pending how many people interested in doing them join. We are open to suggestions at this early stage of the posse.
Requirements: -
  • 18 + (some exceptions)
  • respectful to one another
  • a mic for chatting with others in the posse
  • no griefing or bullying online
  • have a discord account
  • Speak English
  • PS4 account
  • preferably within EU (GMT), but can offer exceptions if you are active enough.
If you like all of the above, head on over to our Discord to let us know you are interested and join us. https://discord.gg/Jms6cZ8   (please note we have limited spaces available)
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