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Vulkan VS DX12 on my setup (Need advice)


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So, I just bought RDR2 and opened up on my PC.

I always calibrate the performance before I first play the game after purchase. So, I need some help.

At first, I’ll list me specs of my Gaming & Editing RIG. MSI RTX 2080TI Gaming X Trio at 1650mhz. I9 9900KS On +/- 4.8GHz. 2x16GB DDR4 3200MHz Ram. Game installed on a Samsung EVO 970 M.2 SSD. Playing in a 1440p 144HZ Monitor.

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I'm running with 2080ti too and dx12 have been the best for me visually with my settings. Although I run it in 4K on a 43" monitor with TAA Medium and sharpness maxed +GFE Sharpness filer at 65%. Tested on my secondary 1440p 32" monitor but that looked so grainy compared to 4K so i took a plunge an sacrificed some FPS to get better visuals.

There's a benchmark you can run to see what difference in performance you get in Vulcan vs DX12.  
It's very different from system to system it seems from what i read since release.

Here's a table with FPS cost in % I used to find what i could tinker with to set it to my satisfaction.



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