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  1. Wow, that's kind of them Glad you got it sorted! Merry Xmas!
  2. Damn, I'm sorry . that must be a PITA. But don't you have any friends or relatives or maybe a workplace with better internet that you can bring your xbox too and let it update?
  3. Anteronoid

    VPN for Gaming

    The issues some ppl have that are fixed with a VPN is that some modem/routers from some ISP's that have harcoded port mappings and cant be managed completely by the end user. Using a VPN can bypass this problem or getting a new modem/router that's fully unlocked for end users and port managing.
  4. You answered a year old post, from the console release. Companion app is not released for PC yet. I don't know if it ever will.
  5. I see you don't have the English windows version. Do you by any change even have non Latin characters in your windows username as well? It could be something like that as well, seen it many times with games bugging out because of how windows and usernames with non English characters go weird. I', swedish my self so we have afew non latins. But ive always use English Windows... since i had sh*t with Swedish Windows way back. Can you try creating a new windows account with admin privileges and standard Latin characters and try to run it and change settings from there?
  6. I think that game streaming tech will never really settle amongst PC gaming enthusiast. You aim for the fidelity of the PC Enthusiast but there's obvious no cheap trick to it. I chuckled when you said 1080p upscaled and actually i was suspecting that was the case. To render a 4K @ +60fps in full settings, would take the power of dual 2080ti's, going 1080p is so cheap and the target audience wont even notice (non entusiasts). I believe other games with a more static graphical presence will do better on a streaming platform, like Anno 1800, turn based games and the likes. I tried nvidias streaming platform on my wifes Windows Tablet and that was really fine, a few hiccups but still better then the tablet would be able to perform.
  7. Holy crap man, are your the Kean_1 as in the GRB forum Kean_1, who know!? Hehe, laughs aside, I've seen you there. You make posts with perfect sense and I like them. Yes, i'm all up to date with GRB, browsing the forum daily. Wildlands was one of my favourite games ever, and i had high hopes for Breakpoint, but was very let down by the non existing survival mechanics and the loot system. I did play both Division games, but they never got stuck on me like Wildlands. The at release MTX store was a laugh in the face and all the features missing from Wildlands, the bugs, the low draw distance compared to Wildlands and the stupid nonlogic weapon attachment and ammo, i mean, wrong ammo on guns, and saying .50 cal but the game is using something completely different. And so much effort put in crafting stuff that you'll never need for survival. And now they broke the lock-on rockets. But I've managed to level up to max in gearscore. Not sure i will ever touch the MP part. My 12y old son have now borrowed my UBI account to try out R6 with his friends, witch is very popular at his school at the moment , so I cant continue play GRB until after Christmas when he gets his own sub account as a gift for a year. Hes racking up a pretty hefty load of ubiosoft credits though.. 😁
  8. Taken from a reddit GTX 970 user... behold the awesomeness in graphical Eye Candy! 🤣 😉
  9. Yes, that's why the "...yet" Agree with you, R* know their stuff. Warframe know their stuff, Ubisoft simply don't know sh*t.. the latest Ghost Recon Breakpoint was a clear indication on how to not prioritize game development and build around for MTX and and how to make fans angry.
  10. I don't really get it, why is it bannable to get a lots of stuff sold to or given to your camp? If it's a thing that you can do it at others camp, then why would the camp owner be banned, its not the camp owner players fault. Its R* that made it possible and the bans are clearly just a troll trick from the people doing it, why doesn't R* stop the auto banning and look in to it manually to fix it. I would get furious if banned for some di*k head doing it on purpose on me, and if i was R* I would have banned the trolls for life for being di*ks. But maybe that's just me.
  11. Yes, i meant it as a good thing what DiamondDave said, but these days its hard to be sure. R* have been my fav devs for a very long time. They produce quality games and have not gone the MX patch yet. But i'm a suspicious minded old gamer and wont be surprised if it pops up. But its good it has not come to it yet. Just saying, not flaming.
  12. Well, since you clearly say he tried everything made public and so on there's not much other to say or do then to wait for new patches is there? And they will come, it's just released for PC and is still pretty full of bugs. So expect more patches. I would however after trying everything and still failing to even launch it, try to look into my own build and even do a fresh OS install just to rule stuff out. I have great backup solutions and a fresh run would only take 2h hours and i'm back. Software conflicts is a thing, even drivers can mess stuff up. But, what hardware is he using and OS?
  13. True, and we don't have loot boxes...yet.
  14. From what I understand/read somewhere it was supposed to be released in December, sometime. So hold your horses a wee bit more i'd say.
  15. 😁 What forum? I have no issues going there and tell them that their potatoe PC needs fixing! 😂 Na, kidding, but still curious about what the toxic forum you mentioned?
  16. I really which one could have the same keys's for multiple actions when it's separated in context. For example, change to the menu navigating key's from arrow keys to WASD. I mean if you're in the menus, you can't move with the WASD key's anyway. But the game wont let me change it without removing the bind from the movement key selections. It's frustrating and annoying to change to arrow keys with left hand anytime you navigate the stuff in the satchel and other menus on the fly.
  17. Mouse is working since last patch! Yihaa! 😁
  18. I'm running with 2080ti too and dx12 have been the best for me visually with my settings. Although I run it in 4K on a 43" monitor with TAA Medium and sharpness maxed +GFE Sharpness filer at 65%. Tested on my secondary 1440p 32" monitor but that looked so grainy compared to 4K so i took a plunge an sacrificed some FPS to get better visuals. There's a benchmark you can run to see what difference in performance you get in Vulcan vs DX12. It's very different from system to system it seems from what i read since release. Here's a table with FPS cost in % I used to find what i could tinker with to set it to my satisfaction.
  19. I'm a 90's gamer myself. Although I wouldn't hold back on switching to Win10 today. I'm prioritizing new games and future proofing rather then be able to load some old stuff. I would rather have that on a separate old PC/Laptop if so. I'm also a Oculus VR user and also love new features such as RTX Raytracing in DX12. so hanging on to Win7 would just not work The reason I asked if you had verified the files is that it will re-install the Vulkan Run-Time Libraries. I figured it was maybe corrupt for you since its the only way you can run it in Win7.
  20. Well, then i'm sorry, hope you get it sorted. I would have tried changing to Windows10 though if you want to run new games nowadays. DX12 ins't even working with Windows 7 AFAIK.
  21. Wait, what... Really?! 😅
  22. Since every patch resets or change my very fine tuned graphical settings it's a pain in the butt to change back all the time, but this table have proven to help a bit finding the sweet spot for me. Now able to run mostly 45-55 FPS in 4K. All setting on Ultra except from the the ones in the table with the highest % change, those I've set to 1 step under the highest possible. Also AA is TAA Medium with sharpening maxed and added GeForce Experience Sharpening at 65%. Motion Blur OFF (of course). Tested first by setting everything to LOW, then each setting upped to the MAX and tested one by one to see the difference in % of FPS. Settings with a * requires a restart. Source: https://www.sweclockers.com/test/28527-optimera-red-dead-redemption-2-sweclockers-hittar-prestandatjuvarna
  23. https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360038342293/RDR2-Title-Update-1-14-Notes-PS4-Xbox-One-PC
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