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  1. I was riding around the other day and decided to go to what I thought was a free roam event and instead this happened. https://youtu.be/DyXSRHOuN3A What is this event? How come I couldn't grab the shiny item?
  2. Ratly


    I reported them. It feels like in the last few days I'm running into more cheating going on. Just a few minutes ago I was in a salvage and a few seconds after it started everybody but one person was teleported out of bounds and died.
  3. Ratly


    Sorry the explosion occurred prior to the video. I tried to record what I could but the only thing I got was that weird stutter stepping in the video. I didn't realize that the microsoft game capture stuff only recorded the last 30 seconds.
  4. Ratly


    I'm not sure exactly what happened here but I was on my way back to camp to return some supplies I had just picked up. I passed by two players that you can see on my mini map as red blips. They were not red when I passed them earlier. While I was making my way up the winding trail I was hit by an explosion of some sort and there was some weird effect and I was thrown off my horse. My horse initially survived the blast but was sniped by one of the two players I passed. I tried to get to my horse but for whatever reason my controls weren't working. I tried using my keyboard to control my character but there was some sort of weird stutter stepping my character was doing. I tried to make my way over to my horse but it wouldn't let me attempt to revive it even though it was still alive at that point. Was this a glitch or was I the victim of some sort of cheat?
  5. It was a one time thing but I probably escalated the situation by doing some stupid stuff. Either way I left the server shortly after.
  6. So earlier today I had to get supplies for Cripps and another player was in the area that the supplies were and they had already killed the wolves. I ran up today took the supplies and ran with the other player in hot pursuit. I managed to make it back to camp and drop off the supplies but it was close. It was funny that during the mission success cutscene I could hear Cripps yelling and shooting and when I exited the cutscene the other player had respawned and was shooting at me from behind some trees. I imagine that if they had successfully killed me while I was running back to camp then they could have stolen the supplies but what if I had never picked up the supplies in the first place. Would they have been able to just pick them up and take them or would it not even register that it's there for them?
  7. I shot back for one but I don't think I hit them. The other death I had I didn't shoot back because I didn't see them on my mini map.
  8. Has there been a change to how pressing charges works? The past two days I've been killed by another player while I was in defensive mode and I only had the option to Parley and to respawn. I thought as long as I was in defensive mode and somebody attacked me then pressing charges was an option.
  9. Try holding down the equip button. A lot of the prompts in the game are hold to confirm to prevent accidental purchases. If that doesn't work then I believe you should open a ticket with rockstar support. Try opening your radial menu and hitting whatever button is to open your abilities. Select the dead eye option and see if you can equip the card from there.
  10. Having only played the console version it definitely sounds like you're bugged. If I remember correctly the treasure chest should have contained your first ability card. Try equipping it to see if that let's you continue the tutorial.
  11. My streak was at 122 days before it got reset. I opened a ticket and they gave me 50 gold as compensation.
  12. According to the newswire all we got was 25% off weapons at the fence and had their level requirements lifted also horse tack gets 25% off as well.
  13. We actually got more of a voice then what you get in gtao. I'm quite surprised we didn't get simple greetings considering we got grunts and groans as well as hyah sounds when we ride a horse.
  14. I think the dead npcs in wagons has to deal with how the box AI works. I've seen a wagon in Rhodes blocking an intersection and a horse rider pulled a gun on them and started shooting. I imagine the same thing probably happened to the npcs you've been seeing.
  15. It appears when u reload into free roam from doing an activity like a showdown or story mission. It appears for a second or two and looks like a weight with an arrow point up or down.
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