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*Spoiler* a lesson in greed when on hunts.


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After catching the Legendary Steelhead Trout somewhere near Willard's Crest, North of Annesberg, i noticed that i was in the vicinity of the Legendary Moose.  So i figured why not kill two birds w/ one stone since i'm already there. I finally was able to kill the moose as well, BUT witha problem. I could only stow 1 of them. I hadn't figured that out. Of course there was no way i was gonna leave one behind and come back for it so i stowed the fish and hand carried the moose pelt, hoofed it the rest of the way to Annesburg w/ my trusty steed following close behind. 

The danger of doing that was i had to pass through Roanoke ridge known for it's notoriety with those weird hillbillies. True enough i was ambushed by 5 dirty dudes with not so purty mouths. Anyways, i killed them all. Made my way to Annesburg to mail the fish to the quest giver. Stowed the pelt and hopped on a train to St. Denis to see the trapper for the pelt and the fence for the trinket.

Things i had to do in this wonderful masterpiece of a game. I loved the entire journey.

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