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What Helped Me With Moonshine Deliveries


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I was able to play about ten Moonshine selling missions in a row yesterday (and I have REALLY been plagued by the black loading screen issue), so I thought I'd post what I did. I also investigated a little, so... here's what I found.

First I had the shack near Emerald Station. That was a COMPLETE disaster, I could play exactly ONE selling mission and that was it. The rest was black loading screen after black loading screen. It's an incredibly busy area and an incredibly busy shack. There are players all over the place.

So, I moved the shack down to the Bayou. (Not as busy but still fairly crowded sometimes.) I could do a few selling missions here and there before the game would decide to not let me anymore. I tried two things: Leave the shack and do other stuff while Moonshine is being prepared AND waiting inside for the Moonshine to be prepared. Both had the same results: Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. At one point it even reset everything while I was standing right there next to Marcel. What I noticed when it DIDN'T work, however, was that this occured whenever there were other players around, either outside the shack or just about to go inside (when it reset everything I went outside right away and saw that there were several players outside the shack, so, there definitely seems to be a connection here). Things then REALLY started to go south when someone apparently played a free roam mission near the shack (I don't know the exact details, I play in Defensive Mode and the game only tells you to switch to Offensive Mode to see nearby missions). THAT one made everyone inside my shack disappear and I couldn't get them to re-appear (going out and then back in usually fixed this issue for me although it would sometimes also reset my Moonshine progress so that Marcel had to start all over again), no matter what I tried to do. It really seems to be an issue of players interfering with each other in some way, something like R* servers not being able to handle all the players moving around in the same but also separate shacks, but also something else (will get to that). At one point the game even randomly threw me into a Bootlegger mission (lolwat???) although I had not started one, I was just standing next to Marcel, nowhere near the lady upstairs.

I then moved my shack to the one location where I was sure things would be absolutely empty and barren - New Austin. And... io and behold... it worked. There were no players around and I could suddenly do selling missions and never even ONCE did everyone inside the shack disappear. HOWEVER, and here's the HOWEVER... this ONLY worked continuously with 30/24 minute Moonshine with Evergreen flavor sold to that Bret guy who offers the lowest payout. It did NOT work for more expensive Moonshine OR for buyers who offer more money than Bret. But it worked, and since I was only after the XP and not the money anyway (I prefer to make money through the Collector role), I was able to max out my Moonshiner level. It was a bit of a grind, but it did what it was supposed to do.

I thought I'd post this. Maybe this will help others who are in a similar situation and have a lot of money already and are thus only after the XP and want to max out the role and then forget it's even there. The shack in New Austin is not the best, I know, and there's a delivery mission to Fort Mercer that will REALLY get on your nerves and lose you a bottle or more if you're not SUPER careful, but hey. It WAS nice to finally be able to actually play the game as it was intended. Well, some of it, anyway.


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