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The Art of Warfare [TAW] is recruiting [PC]


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The Art of Warfare [TAW]


The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been 

established since 2001 with 1700+ current active members in 40+ games including Red Dead 

Online.  We currently have an active player base in Red Dead Redemption.


What we offer you in TAW


  • Active and organized players in Red Dead Redemption as well as 40+ other games (You join us and you have a clan for all your games)

  • International community ranging from EU (Europe), NA (North America), SA (South America) to OC (Oceanic)/SEA/etc

  • Huge TeamSpeak (Top ranking in the world)

  • A Website at www.taw.net (even a more updated one in progress), Forums and Wikis

  • NEWS and articles

  • Badges you can earn within TAW which gives you more things to do in the game when things get boring

  • A ranking system for those who like to advance within the community

  • Around 2 events per week for every time zone that have been planned and worked on by our Field Specialists

  • Clan wars, Tournaments, and rewards

  • Loyalty from your clan mates

  • Lots of other games to play with fully developed teams, just a channel away (List of our UNITS or games can be found on taw.net under units)

  • And much, much more.


What we offer you in Red Dead Redemption


  • A Place for those who are looking just to find friends to play with

  • A tier system (Platoons and Squads) depending on how you want to play the game

  • A Posse with common goals and game style

  • A mature team that respects the level of your skill or game knowledge

  • Communication, and related documents


Requirements to join:


  • Be able to understand and speak English (Not required to be perfect)

  • Must be willing to use TeamSpeak

  • Have a mic

  • Be Mature and respectful to others

  • Be active

  • Most importantly have fun!


If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have something for you here in TAW.

Join our Discord : https://discord.gg/qUqBcdF

How to join us in TAW!

If you are interested, all you have to do is create an account on our website by clicking over HERE and join our Red Dead Online division by creating an account. After that, keep an eye out for our email since on of our community members will contact you ASAP to get your onboarding started.


You may be interested, but still, have some doubts?  Questions? Or want to have a chat about it first? Then contact me in either of the following contact addresses, PM me or comment here:


Email: johnwcraig0@gmail.com or warlohn@taw.net

Steam: TAW | Warlohn


We look forward to having you join our Family. Happy hunting.


     Come looking for friends, and find a family as we have found ours!


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VZHJ5y0.png  Sometimes I like to log in and just go fishing or hunting.  We'll join on the same session and just run around doing whatever we like.  RDO isn't always running and gunning like some make it out to be.  I enjoy all aspects of this game.

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Okay, so huge difference having a huge posse versus having a 4 man posse.  Holy crap the battles were legit, the scaling is super nice in random missions.

Posse infighting and posse defense is also fun, having those options in your player menu as posse leader is definitely a huge add on bonus 

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Hello Xara

We have a good active team in EU and NA time zones, you can add me on rockstar for some games  -warlohn 

I will be on after work in a few hours should be a few on now and we hold event's in game today and at the weekend. Hope to see you online for a few games

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We hold two events every Wednesday NA and EU a second event for NA on Saturday and a second event for EU on Sunday.

We are a growing posse with 29 active members.

Looking a great friendly posse to play with? Apply at www.taw.net 

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Looking to have both groups on at the same time today for 2 to 3 large posses.  Feel free to join us, either by applying or as a guest until you get a feel for things.  New players from any country always welcome!

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