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The Ivory Blacks - UK based Xbox1 Recruiting members

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I'm currently looking to start a posse (in the process of creating a FB group for it)

Im a lvl 94 player with all 4 roles maxed at lvl 20. My aim is to find 6 loyal members who are looking for help levelling up and to earn money/XP together. I want this posse to be 7 members only and for the members to be of lower level than myself so as they grow in the posse the help is appreciated and you are happy to contribute to each members growth etc. Too many people out there for their own gain from what ive seen. I will he hand picking each member so I know they arent here for self gain or to waste the other posse members time etc.


There will be a posse dress code of black, grey and silver. I want our posse to look like one, not matching clothes but when we ride into a town I want us to look as one. I play mainly at the weekend but I'll usually get online a few times week days after work.

If you are looking for a long term posse that has your back at all times and want you to grow as a member this is your posse. Im like I said lvl 94 but I am in no way a know it all, I want us to work as a team to find the best ways to make money etc. I have all the camp improvements etc so the base for a great posse is there. 

Im 34 and live in the UK. If you are of a similar age and think The Ivroy Blacks are for you get in touch via this thread.


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