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How long does it take to level up while being a trader?



I have played story mode almost all the time I've played rdr2, but lately my friends and I wanted to play together so we decided to play RDO, and in Rdo I was really behind, so I wanted to find a faster way to gain money and all. So, I decided to do hunting, but because I have only one horse, I can only carry one carcasses and a few skinned animals pelts. And then I saw the hunting vehicle that was available in the stables, but sadly I needed to be at level 10 trader. So my question is how long does it take to level up to level 10 and what can I do to level up faster? thank you...

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It didn't take long to get to level 10, in my opinion.

My advice would be to shoot & skin every animal you can, but only haul in perfect carcasses. You can lasso some carcasses (deer & pronghorn) and drag them back to camp, so you can donate two at a time. It won't hurt the pelt at all. Drag a 3 star deer for miles and it'll still be a 3 star when you get it to camp.

I'm sure you know this, but you can mount small animal carcasses to the side of your horse (turkey, ducks, rabbit, etc.) so load that horse up with as much as you can.

Also, donate everything you are able to: feathers, tusks, antlers, etc. Each item you donate gives you 5 XP, which doesn't seem like much, but it does add up. Once you hit rank 20, you're better off selling those items, but until then, donate them all.


If it's just money you're after, the collector role is the way to go. You can earn thousands every day if you have the time. You can get the Collectors bag for free if you have Amazon/Twitch Prime & link it to your account (sign up for the free month, claim the offer & cancel, if you'd like). It's easily the best way to earn money and rank up.

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