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The ability to roleplay is probably one of the best things about online. Being able to be whoever you want be with no restrictions is pretty cool and while I've never been a big roleplay person, I still find that being able to have you and your Friends create dynamic and interesting stories while just ****ing around to be amazing. I don't feel that the main reason why people come back is for the gameplay loop. They come back for the immersive and beautiful world of the game. Without it, the game would be a lot less satisfying to explore and traverse. I don't find the shooting mechanics to be anything remotely good and It's common knowledge that rockstar need to change the mission style of the single player games into more open-ended player choice oriented type of missions, similar to gta 3 or Metal Gear Solid 5. If they were to apply this style of objectives to the multiplayer missions, I think it would add a level of grounded fantasy that coincides with the beautiful animations and visuals of the game. My ideal Red Dead Online is the ability to make self made roles with buyable property, Set custom uniforms for posses, and to have more interesting missions to do. For example, Let's say that my posse go to take control of a land grab in an abandoned house, (If you don't know what Land Grab is, google it with red dead in the title.) On the way there, we are stopped by a group of O'driscoll NPCs attempting to rob us, after taking care of them we arrive at the house. As we view it from a distance we notice it is heavily armed with many NPCs surrounding it. There are multiple options to take to bringing them down. Our way is this: We set dynamite to explode a water tower, and as all of them are distracted by it, we sneak in and set dynamite (without igniting it) at their places of cover. After that, we fall back and charge them head on. Meanwhile, our two snipers shoot the dynamite charges whenever men are close to it.  After establishing dominance over the area another posse comes to take control of the land grab and as were battling them, a group of NPCs come to fight, causing a large skirmish. After being overrun with enemies, my posse retreats. and After returning to camp, we celebrate at the fire knowing we at least had fun kicking ass. While I love to fight NPCs with friends as its satisfyingly easy to pull of executions on them, I find that battles end with NPCs too early and while killing cops is fun, Racking up a big bounty for killing a hole heap of lawmen gets annoying. I think the inclusion of a wave defense/conquest mode for free roam would be a dynamic and actually fun event. As even in the absence of any other players, you could still have fun defending off hoards of soldiers at a final stand. I think that Red Dead's most important element is it's imerssiveness and story. and in Red dead online, the only story you play through is the one you make with friends.         

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Very well thought out good sir. Friendship is definitely the end game here and getting yourself some like minded gunslingers to play with is the best end game you could hope for. The game is gonna take a lot of time before it's got great replay ability. Gotta make your own fun till then. Good luck out there partner. 

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