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Dakota Delinquents now recruiting!


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Are you a Nemesis with Nuance?
Privateer with Principles?
Cutthroat with Compassion?
Deviant with Discernment?

DAKOTA DELINQUENTS are now recruiting gang members!!!

We shoot fellers as need shooting, save fellers as need saving, and feed 'em as need feeding. We love crime and raising hell, but practice thieves honor and look out for strangers just as well as we look out for one another.

We are a CST casual posse that is online almost everyday. We work all of the roles, and have a functional camp, replete with nearly all the amenities. Looking for mature/casual/LGBTQ friendly PS4 outlaws! Must be 18+

NO GRIEFERS PLEASE! We will go out of our way to shut that sh*t DOWN.

1. No griefing other players and causing unnecessary conflict.

2. We only look for FAIR fights. We would relish the opportunity to ambush the well-guarded wagon of another posse just as much as we would delight in the chance to escort a lonely trader safely to their dropoff. 

3. If you are shot at unprovoked then by all means defend yourself!

4. Members are expected to be respectful of others in party chat. NO HATEFUL SPEECH such as racism or homophobia.


12/5/20 (MODERATOR NOTE): OP hasn't come back to visit this site since around the time this thread was opened and / or for the last couple of months. Closing as a result for the sake of other members looking for active groups.

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