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From physical standard to digital ultimate?




Please please help TTnTT

In short my question is :

If I have the physical copy of the game (standard with no dlc or bonuses) and I plan on buying a digital ultimate or special 

Will my online progress carry over.? (my character, posse, gold that I've bought, horses, rank, etc) 



More detailed info under, if you care to read 🤷🏼‍♂️ 

I bought a used standard physical copy of the game, and I love it above and beyond. 

Now seeing a sale on the special digital copy on the PS store 

I kinda either want to get that or the ultimate digital. (cause I'm going crazy in the quarantine) 

My problem is that I already started playing online 

And I've bought gold and have a posse with a friend etc. 

You know, the typical problem of "I don't want to loose all the money i spend on the gold and game hours I've put in online" 

I plan to replay the main campaign anyway so  I'm not worried about that. 


Just online stuff. 


Does anyone has a legit/100% sure answer?


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