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  1. Ok,so first off, gta and red; gta is arcade, red is realism. gta has no limits on its creations, red is limited to historical facts, happending, atmosphere and events. Are there alot more that could be added to red? ofc but sutch development takes time. Afterall, gta5 is 7+ y/o, red is 2. Red had covid in the middle of its existance while gta saw a natural drop in new content cuz they at the times had notingng new to add, and that was before covid forced workers to stay home. For Red, they have to think hard about what can be added, plus it seems they have taken a stand that the game has to "naturaly evolve". That was atleast their idea to why we did not have houses to stay in from day1. It allso took more then 6 months when red online finaly was relased to it became playable due to the devs under estimating how toxic and shitty the online servers became when they had a gameworld with no rules, so alot of dev time went down the drain there. All in all Red is nothing but a test server for GTA ideas and it shows. Further on, if the rumors are true that Red 1 is beeing remade for ps5, then that wont help Red2 online, it is prolly more then 20 years timeline difference between thouse two games, so they cant share online worlds, all it will do is drain dev manpower from Red2 online.
  2. Prolly cuz it is ancient, and moust R* fans allways wants to play the ps2 classics. Anything they have re released has just been a graphical tweak to adjust to modern tvs. I guess we will see their direction if the rumored red1+red2 bundle hits the ps5.
  3. Aslong as players play and buy gta5, gta6 will never! be made. That beeing said, i hope they dont draw a limit to remasters at ps2, the first 2 gta would offer very unique gameplay in todays somewhat stale gaming innovation situation.
  4. In red free roam it realy dont matter, atleast not on ps4. Just put yourself in defence mode and the game is basicly an online singleplayer. Apart from the mandatory playtru of the first storychain, my 125+lvs has been a solo jurney. No posses of any form or kind has been joined, griefers hardly seen.
  5. Yup. main reason why i dont use bug report, thouse who work there are just general emplyes following a basic script. Nothing against them, they are actualy just doing their job, but it dont help us gamers.
  6. nope, that its the problem with EU/scandenavian/russian continent, all the countrys has their own language and some of them dont even teach english as 2nd language.
  7. The translation has made the topic kinda non understandable. For the fishing rod, i assume you dont know how to activate it? It is in the weapon/equipment wheel. You use the same wheel when you have the rod out to select lures. "panniers" i dont understand, sorry.
  8. And it happend again, sometime whitin the last 12H. Logged in yesterday evning to see if the snow was gone, everythign was ok, logged in this morning, 5 of 8 outfits was competely gone.........
  9. Head indoors or enable defensive mode. Shure they can still kill you in defensive mode but the avatar blipp is very hard to see on the radar and world map.
  10. Naa, its ment for animal hunting, spesificly the legendary, or just for us who are bad animal hunters overall that cant oneshot bears and aligators with the bolt action or bow. On AI you have assisted aim, so just flick the stick up(assuming you are playing with a pad) when it auto aims on the chest, and you will get a headshot when the fokus is fully engaged.(aka the circle the grows smaller the longer you aim) Takes a bit training but when you nail it you will start to see you need accuracy more then damage.
  11. Think it depends more on your passive ability cards and getting thouse that matter to lv3, and ammo selection, then what kind of weapons you bring. If you are looking at 1 shot capabilitys, the shotgun is your go to, buckshots kills anything up clouse while slug kills anything at mid range, quick aimfokus too. For long range you are going for headshots anyways so quick aimfokus repeaters, like the lancaster works nicely. Dual handguns i think is better for pvp, then pve. You want to pop headshots on the AI and to do that you need to ADS.
  12. yup. It is ironic realy, that R* promotes this as an RP game, yet only allows the creation of one single avatar. Apparently that single avatar is ment to hold all roles and all avatar personalitys....They dont know what the core of RP is. As a side note, you should allso invest in the collector role. It is slow and takes time to build up, but when you start to complete and sell collections the cash realy start to gather. I think no other job comes near the amount of cash you can generate(anywhere from 70-300+ for complete sets), but it is a pasifict role so not many like it for that reason alone. Selling indivudal items allso helps but i susaly dont drop below 3 examples of an item if im selling them induvidualy, you never know what the weekly collection will be. Allso, there is a fan made website that keeps track of all collectable locations for an ever easier way to riches. And finaly dont forget the treashure map you get every 5 levles, that is 70-110$ for just riding to spot X. Looting thugs from bountys allso has a chanse of dropping treashure maps.
  13. Yea when you delete something it and all it has is gone for good, never ever toutch the delete option Good news, is you only need 2 weapons and thouse 2 will last you as long as you are willing to play the game: schofield and lancaster. allso check the voucher tab and see if you have any discounts going, that might help you out.
  14. You can try but you wont get anything out of them, unless you can get their attension on twitter. If you approach support they will just throw the endless loop of silly, non related, basic internet troubleshooting, followed by; we need a video of or it or we cant forward it, crap. Just use the one way feedback option on their site for bug reports, thats what i do.
  15. Have not found any realy big issues, just the normal small bugs here and there. Camp seems to have stabilized in the region you choose, atleast mine has been in the same place so far for my small return in december. Other then that, things are just as i left it in march......
  16. Reinstalled this title again yesterday, little did i know that todays update was ment to tie MW, blackops, and warzone into 1 unified lv system. (so if you jump back in, you will be lv1 again, and have to go to 55 before you can do the elite lv) allso all unlocks are on a unified lv system, If you play MW you can unlock weps for black ops, and weps from both titles can be found in warzone at the same time. Battlepass progression is allso shared across the 3 titles. Overall i kinda like that move since it appears that they want to increase the longivity of the older games, as that was one of the major issues with cod for the past 12 years, once a new game was released the prev became 100% obselete, but the issued that i had during spring are still there. It is just that i had a shooter itch and i did not want to buy BO.
  17. Got a naughty supprise today, all my custom outfits was gone, but two, so that is a total of 6 outfits that was simply completely removed, from the wardrobeand my horse. Last time i logged in was early last week, so something has happend during last week. I did rememeber moust of them but still that should not have happened......, any other sutch reports lately(spesificly for ps4 since thats what i play on), and has this happend to anyone else?
  18. yea it deserves a better name then that 🤣
  19. well, game is nothing more then a testbed for gta, but at the same time it is one of its kind. wildwest games are super rare, and willl continue to be. honestly, what you should be worried about is the dollar inflation. over 1000 for a single horse, and sadles in the 300+ range. the gta5o inflation has now made it to this game sadly. When we get home propertys i would be supprised if the cheapest wont be under 1000 with the moust expensive one in the 5-7000 range.
  20. cus they did not earn any money from red, simple as that. the dailys gold payout was so high that you never EVER needed to buy any gold to get the gold exlusive stuff when you got to the .40 nugget payout. Its like you run a bakery and you give away all the pastrys in your shop out for free every single day, that is how red was prior to this update. while i dont like take2s greedy ideology, servers and devs dont work for free.
  21. honestly not that supprising now that we have role rank 30, i expect all existing roles will over the next year (hopefully but with only two updates a year, it could take 2 years) be expanded to lv 30.
  22. I allready own the bolt action, but as said i nave no need for a marksman rifle. anyways, arrived at wapiti around 14, parked my ass on the horse a shortdistance from it, around 19 i was ambushed by a timberwolf pack, one of them was a 3*, so jobs done ^^
  23. i will try the bolt action rifle with some special ammo, i see no reason to buy a sharpshooter just for one single pelt. wapitit i think will do me best, not real mutch reason for players to be up there i think, so hopefully it wont be "huntet empty"
  24. Best way to get a perfect wolf pelt? im not a hunter, nor will i be. I need one for one of the clothings from gus, i allready have the collectable.
  25. it is the picture, i have owned one since february, it is in the top 3 of the physicly biggest horses currently in the game. gets max hp bar when at lv4 bonding too. only downside is it dont like long distance riding, it starts to breathe loudly after a short run.
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