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After a random encounter with a white arabian which resulted in that horse becoming my bitch, I can't find any other arabian. Not the black one near the Indian reservation and not the chestnut one near owanjila lake. I've been there several times and nothing. Ok, I found several horses near owanjila lake but no arabian. And the area where the black one should be? Nothing. No horses at all. What's going on? Is it because I have the white arabian? I don't think so because I know someone who had a black arabian and managed to find and tame a white one. So why can't I find those other arabians?

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ok, i just realized that i posted this on the 1st of april, but it is not some kind of joke. i really can't find those arabians. the only other arabian i came across was the white one that we stole from the braithwaites, but that was it.

so, any ideas?

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