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what happens to failed mission wagons?


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I was at my camp and noticed in the distance a stationary wagon with a team but no driver. I rode over and found it was a small wagon loaded with supplies, just like I've used when taking things to market for Cripps. I was able to jump up and drive it, but if it is left over from a supply run that timed out, it isn't good for anything.

This made me wonder what happens to these wagons. I assume they remain in the game until the person who failed on a mission with one logs out. When I've failed on a wagon mission, there's nothing to be done but leave it wherever I happen to be when the mission times out.

Since the supplies are still in these wagons, it's too bad there isn't some way a player, any player, can take those supplies somewhere and get some minimal value for them. It would add a bit more realism to RDR2.

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