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  1. Oops, I forget that there are different sections, but I see it has been moved to the right place now.
  2. I'm running Win7 and occasionally while playing RDR2, I'll get the BSoD and I have to restart my PC. This happens maybe once every couple of days and only with this game. It doesn't seem to matter how long the game has been running so I don't think it's a GPU issue and it only started within the last 3 weeks or so, though I have been playing several months now. There's no relationship to what I am doing in the game.
  3. I've seen a giant cowboy and a giant elephant. Good work checking it out to see what you could do with/to it. Interesting that it was not on the ground and you could ride under it.
  4. I like HuDawg's one life idea. Tonight I took the mission again. I wasn't given a choice of target and after one was assigned I noticed that he and I were very close to level 100. This time when I reached the target, he was simply standing there. I circled around nearby on my horse making myself obvious to see if I could get a reaction but none came. He never made any move against me. It's much more fun if there is a contest.
  5. I'm finding The Boy gives some interesting missions. One of them is to kill another player. I took this on thinking it would only involve finding the player and doing the deed as the target would be taken by surprise. In the event, the player was waiting for me and I was the one to get knocked off. Does the assassination target get advised that he is the target when the mission is assigned? I suppose that I would have appeared as a red dot on his minimap.
  6. I guess hackers are capable of doing anything. I was in St. Denis sitting on my horse when the ground began to tilt first to the left and then the right. I thought I was imagining it but my horse reacted to keep standing upright as the ground tilted. It wasn't a big tilt, maybe ten degrees or so.
  7. It was strange yesterday but in a different way. The winner (by far) had only 1 kill and no deaths with the runners up loaded with kills and deaths. This says to me a posse is protecting the winner from harm as he shoots at targets while they take out anyone else around.
  8. You're right but still it's fun, I just allow for the fact that I'm going to be killed a couple of times. It's strange that RS allows killing in the event, as they don't allow it in the salvage event.
  9. I enjoy the master archer event but the last two times I have been the one and only person there and the event cancels for lack of attendance. Has anyone else run into this?
  10. I'm at lvl 90 with 62 bars and $1450 I'm maxed on all but moonshiner. I'm finding it disappointing that I can take out any number of NPC's without dead-eye and hardly needing to take tonics. I liked the fact that in the Witcher, I could have the NPC's level up along with me...forgot if that was a mod or part of the game. There's much content I haven't gone into. I'm still wearing the one outfit I got when I started the game. What keeps me coming back to play is the environment of free-roam. The story makes me feel trapped in a movie. I still find myself taking screen grabs of impressive views and as someone else here mentioned, the thunderstorms are tops. Hunting is still fun though I wish I could silence Cripps as I can recite his lines in my sleep, though I do use them to make my wife laugh. The possibilities for this game are great and I'm hoping that RDR2 sets a standard for open worlds, though work is needed on human faces. I've had few problems with bugs. The disappearing camp bug seems to have gone away and very occasionally I will have a hacker fry me, but most of the time I can go an entire session with no problems and the immersion is unmatched. I don't regret the $60 price.
  11. Shouldn't I get an indication from their icon that dead-eye is activated? I've seen a red eye with an x in it from time to time and assumed that it shows the player is using dead-eye. Nope, I just realized the red-eye with the x in it is the icon for an eyewitness...
  12. I participated in one of the Rockstar activities, this one where two teams compete in trying to carry a torch against the other side, everyone armed with the pistol/shotgun. In the event I couldn't make a single kill and got killed 11 times, ugh. Before going back for a repeat, I'm trying to analyze what happened. First of all, I don't use dead-eye and I noticed in this event there was no red dot showing on targets...so it was free aim. Free aim without dead-eye is probably what cooked my goose. Tell me, if another player is using dead-eye, doesn't his icon indicate it on the mini-map? I never saw any change in the mini-map icons, just different colors for the two teams. But shots at me were fatal every time, which would tell me dead-eye headshots did me in as it is very difficult to target anything when riding at full speed with free aim.
  13. One other thing I was reminded of yesterday...if you see another player fast approaching you, be ready to stop an attack but don't act first since it may just be someone passing by minding their own business, particularly if you both are on a road. Yesterday another player approached at speed. I was standing still on horseback but suspected foul intent, so when he got near I suddenly moved aside. Sure enough he was about to lasso me and missed. It could have gone better for me, though, because he then shot my horse out from under me and as I was thrown he had the chance to use that lasso, tied me up and then placed dynamite next to me to roast me (ugh, not a pretty sight). He intended to do this over and over but with my trusty bolt action rifle, he couldn't get close enough to pull it off, got killed and then left the scene. PVP is a fun part of the game because it isn't canned, you can't know exactly what the other guy is going to do and that makes it the best challenge. It's for this reason I leave my mode on offensive...it invites other players to try to take me on and that's when you learn if you've mastered the capabilities that RDR2 gives you, but in the beginning you have to expect to be a sponge for bullets and to die often. Stick with it!
  14. Even without dead-eye, you'll still want the tonics, the ones that boost your health and stamina bars. Also Minty big game meat (cooking big game meat with mint gives you that) will give you a solid health core for a day (game time) that is only broken if you get killed. Since the speed with which the health bar recovers depends on the strength of the health core, having that guaranteed solid health core when going into a big fight helps lots. The down side is eating lots of meat will make you overweight, so only eat the minty big game meat when you are expecting a hard fight.
  15. I posted a few days ago about coming across a loaded wagon with nobody around it. Then today I was running a supply mission for Cripps where the goal is to bring back the glowing bag taken from other traders. I grabbed the bag but noticed the traders had a loaded wagon. Since I had plenty of time left, I jumped on the wagon and took it back to camp, got credit for the bag and then started off to the fence with the wagon. Yep, I was feeling pretty cocky on wide and level road when suddenly, though I didn't hit anything, the wagon lost two wheels and became junk. Was the the game preventing me from reaching the fence (I was halfway there) or was this just an accident? Has anyone fenced loaded wagons? UPDATE: No, you can't fence a found wagon load of goods. I tried once again to do so and exactly the same thing happened...on the way to the fence, two wheels came off. This happened on a completely different route and apparently what triggers the wheel loss is the distance traveled or the distance to go to reach the fence.
  16. For me it's all about staying calm and that has only come with being in the heat of a fight many times. At first the panic of trying to figure out what to do made me mess up doing the simplest things like taking a tonic. Then over time it all becomes natural and you develop the confidence you need to get into a fight and take down targets relentlessly and methodically. As you level up and can get the more powerful weaponry and ammo, the job gets easier. As for other players attacking, there isn't too much you can do against sniping except to keep moving. As for melee, never be bashful to fistfight. I've surprised myself to find I could punch another player to death and even when you are jumped you can throw the other player off. If you are roped, hitting the X button on the gamepad will get you free with rapid pressing. Since the other player doesn't have an indication of when you will break free, you have that surprise in your favor. A tip that might seem obvious is never to travel with your ready weapon a scoped rifle. I've been killed by animals and players simply because in the emergency I draw my weapon only to find it is useless with the scope. For that reason, the bolt action rifle is my best friend and I always stow it with the scope off, ready for melee action. I have never used dead-eye. I think it's a crutch and it's just one more thing to deal with. Also, back off on the auto-targeting as you get better. This forces you to improve aiming until you are quickly on target before the red dot appears. When a fight starts and you stay cool, you've done the job and there's no substitute for putting in the time to get there.
  17. The trouble is that there is no prompt to collect, no matter where I position myself. The sparkles are present and the gamepad is vibrating like crazy but without a "dig" or "examine" prompt there's nothing I can do to collect.
  18. See screenshot. The collectible is present but is apparently under the boat. I can't access it anywhere around the boat or standing in the boat and the boat can't be moved. There was another collectible in the boat that I did grab. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2092594447
  19. I was at my camp and noticed in the distance a stationary wagon with a team but no driver. I rode over and found it was a small wagon loaded with supplies, just like I've used when taking things to market for Cripps. I was able to jump up and drive it, but if it is left over from a supply run that timed out, it isn't good for anything. This made me wonder what happens to these wagons. I assume they remain in the game until the person who failed on a mission with one logs out. When I've failed on a wagon mission, there's nothing to be done but leave it wherever I happen to be when the mission times out. Since the supplies are still in these wagons, it's too bad there isn't some way a player, any player, can take those supplies somewhere and get some minimal value for them. It would add a bit more realism to RDR2.
  20. See screenshot. If I shoot this deer it leans over then returns upright. As you can see I can ride up to it without it moving. I tried different rifles with headshots, nope. It's immortal! I should have shot it full of arrows to clearly demo the fact that it won't drop. the unkillable deer A Screenshot of Red Dead Redemption 2 By: clif9710
  21. I've topped out on bounty hunter and trader and only recently began collector. I've never found money/gold a problem but then I don't buy any apparel or decorations. Collecting can be a real tough one for arrowheads that don't show up with EagleEye. Bounty hunting is good training for using weapons and fighting that will always be useful in the game. The legendary bounties I've found most fun of all, particularly as they get more challenging. It's always good to have something difficult to try for...
  22. While on the subject of weather, I'd like to see less rain in the desert, too.
  23. I have the same graphics card but a slower i7. The only problem I have is with other players not being solid, meaning I can see through them. This also can happen on moving wagons that I approach or that are approaching me. No problems in St. Denis or on roads or buildings anywhere. My 1060/3 is running flat out - 100% of capacity according to GPU-Z, but haven't had any trouble with crashing. My settings: Quality Preset: 1 click short of max Adcanced Settings: locked
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