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  1. Just curious where everyone is at me: 1,025.05 gold $163,470 cash level 415 *all ability cards maxed, 10 stalls, 6 horses, 5 nacogdooches saddles, almost 2 of every set collection(I just heard my horse fart for the first time-always see him poop, never heard the fart before)
  2. Awesome, thank you very much!
  3. I'm trying to stop these incessant daily emails and whenever I go to "manage followed content no where do I see anything to click on to stop them. Anyone? Much appreciated!!
  4. there are ALWAYS lines my friend, most just truly don't see
  5. just reading between the lines chief- life is only linear if you refuse to think for yourself.
  6. if you are on xbox one I will gladly get you there, 85% may be high 75% for sure being 3 out of 4 lobbies AFTER a moonshine-bootlegger mission, lands me in a solo lobby. IF it is not working for you at at least 3 out of 4 BOOTLEGGER missions please let me know if you truly have tried it 3 out of 4 times. I'm on xbox one and have multiple friends/posse members can attest to
  7. "now sweat off my back" made me think you were relieved I knew you didn't work for one of the worst customer unfriendly gaming companies in the world-referring to EA(eats ass)
  8. In a solo lobby now after moonshiner with my friend Assasin198502, xbox one-all free to join
  9. so you work for r*? "now sweat off my brow- I don't work for them" makes me think you are with r*-if so cool I've got some mega cool ideas-imo-that would be great and I think help keep us alive for years like gta that I would like to share... If I interpreted that wrong no worries, I still have some ideas that once again-imo- could/would really help us have even more fun if you knew/know a good place to direct me to that would truly hear/listen and possibly contemplate my ideas I would greatly appreciate the help/knowledge/info- I just want to see my favorite game encapsulate others as well- I
  10. yes sir I do, I've been playing Madden for past several years and used to dealing with EA, sorry!
  11. I do a moonshiner mission every solo lobby I've had over the last 2 weeks has been directly after a moonshine mission- Ive had quite a few solo lobbies that have lasted several hours over past 2 weeks just be mindful doing another bootleg mission while in solo lobby can take you out. I haven't gotten a solo lobby 100% of the time after a moonshine mission, 85% of time I have, that's my word and my word is bond. So basically 85% of the time you are 100% guaranteed a solo lobby after a moonshine mission- until R* patches.
  12. w/o sounding petty I just want to be able to buy something that only us grinders can get due to our bank accounts and everyone else covets and yearns for- I want to feel special dag nab it lol- cheers to a happy new year and decade y'all!!
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