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  1. Just curious where everyone is at me: 1,025.05 gold $163,470 cash level 415 *all ability cards maxed, 10 stalls, 6 horses, 5 nacogdooches saddles, almost 2 of every set collection(I just heard my horse fart for the first time-always see him poop, never heard the fart before)
  2. Awesome, thank you very much!
  3. I'm trying to stop these incessant daily emails and whenever I go to "manage followed content no where do I see anything to click on to stop them. Anyone? Much appreciated!!
  4. there are ALWAYS lines my friend, most just truly don't see
  5. just reading between the lines chief- life is only linear if you refuse to think for yourself.
  6. if you are on xbox one I will gladly get you there, 85% may be high 75% for sure being 3 out of 4 lobbies AFTER a moonshine-bootlegger mission, lands me in a solo lobby. IF it is not working for you at at least 3 out of 4 BOOTLEGGER missions please let me know if you truly have tried it 3 out of 4 times. I'm on xbox one and have multiple friends/posse members can attest to
  7. "now sweat off my back" made me think you were relieved I knew you didn't work for one of the worst customer unfriendly gaming companies in the world-referring to EA(eats ass)
  8. In a solo lobby now after moonshiner with my friend Assasin198502, xbox one-all free to join
  9. so you work for r*? "now sweat off my brow- I don't work for them" makes me think you are with r*-if so cool I've got some mega cool ideas-imo-that would be great and I think help keep us alive for years like gta that I would like to share... If I interpreted that wrong no worries, I still have some ideas that once again-imo- could/would really help us have even more fun if you knew/know a good place to direct me to that would truly hear/listen and possibly contemplate my ideas I would greatly appreciate the help/knowledge/info- I just want to see my favorite game encapsulate others as well- I know I'm not the only one who loves westerns- this game is original and-imo-mega fun, we just need some tweaks to keep us western loving grinders from leaving the prarie. Cheers to a happy new year and new decade!! FYI- I have no confidence in the r* "suggestion" website, I've been proven wrong many times b4 though.
  10. yes sir I do, I've been playing Madden for past several years and used to dealing with EA, sorry!
  11. I do a moonshiner mission every solo lobby I've had over the last 2 weeks has been directly after a moonshine mission- Ive had quite a few solo lobbies that have lasted several hours over past 2 weeks just be mindful doing another bootleg mission while in solo lobby can take you out. I haven't gotten a solo lobby 100% of the time after a moonshine mission, 85% of time I have, that's my word and my word is bond. So basically 85% of the time you are 100% guaranteed a solo lobby after a moonshine mission- until R* patches.
  12. w/o sounding petty I just want to be able to buy something that only us grinders can get due to our bank accounts and everyone else covets and yearns for- I want to feel special dag nab it lol- cheers to a happy new year and decade y'all!!
  13. I agree 100%, something needs to be done for us that have been around from the beginning. At least let us use all those "discount" rewards as a "rebate" coupon, that would be awesome but even then that just gives a bunch of money we have nothing to spend it on. I'm finding it harder and harder to log in each day. 30k cash to blow and nada to blow it on, camp spawn bug still in effect along with all the other bugs they brought in with moonshiners. Before long this game may only be played by "new" players
  14. thanks for helping me feel a bit better about said situation y'all-very frustrating
  15. or is it dying? Just curious before I waste more of my life on useless entities.
  16. You should rephrase your "heading" your above reply clarifies your thought-wasn't sure what you were meaning before. That said- sliders would be a nice addition!
  17. you can keep donating until the donation option is grayed out regardless if its ready for a delivery-I never make a delivery until I'm fully stocked
  18. or will updates start coming on Friday's now that the latest dlc popped on Friday as well?
  19. why not take the time to make one yourself and lead the way?
  20. In my 40s still enjoy gaming and really dig this game. I've got a posse "The Wild Bunch", I've been on disability from my job since July gonna have surgery tomorrow keeping me out longer so I'm on almost all hours- I'm chill-dont grief unless someone griefs me and if they do idc if you're level 1 u r getting explosive bullets, just want to kick back and enjoy this awesome game. I've got all that I need or want-not a brag just sayin' I'm down for whatever.
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