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can you fence a wagonload of goods? No.


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I posted a few days ago about coming across a loaded wagon with nobody around it. 

Then today I was running a supply mission for Cripps where the goal is to bring back the glowing bag taken from other traders. I grabbed the bag but noticed the traders had a loaded wagon. Since I had plenty of time left, I jumped on the wagon and took it back to camp, got credit for the bag and then started off to the fence with the wagon. Yep, I was feeling pretty cocky on wide and level road when suddenly, though I didn't hit anything, the wagon lost two wheels and became junk. Was the the game preventing me from reaching the fence (I was halfway there) or was this just an accident? Has anyone fenced loaded wagons?

UPDATE: No, you can't fence a found wagon load of goods.  I tried once again to do so and exactly the same thing happened...on the way to the fence, two wheels came off. This happened on a completely different route and apparently what triggers the wheel loss is the distance traveled or the distance to go to reach the fence.

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