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The Milyonne Razor Gang PC


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Now recruiting is a Peaky Blinders-esque street gang that emerged from the Poorer Northwest side of Saint Denis. The Milyonne Razor Gang named after the street where the group began is a gang of ruthless pick-pockets and coach robbers famous for slashing their victims with a knife or razor. Every member of the gang is adorned with the color green, a color most known to represent money, but to the gang it represents growth. To grow from their humble beginnings, to running the largest Bootleg Alcohol business in the state of Lemoyne.  We are a light roleplay based group with a chain of command, Boss, Captain, And Members. Any other razor gangs forming within the city are to have a prior blessing from the Milyonne Gang. Those groups would be led by a captain, making them an Arm or chapter of the Milyonne Razor Gang. To join this organization Message HotTubPunisher or Bootleg Boy on Steam. rockinrebel13 and B00tleg_B0Y (Those are zeros) On Social Club. 


Must Be 18+

Must Have Working Mic/Headset

Must Have Discord

Must be willing to follow the gangs dress code.

Thats it!


MOD NOTE:  OP hasn't been active since May. Closing thread as a result.

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