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Trade route event


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13 hours ago, Bardory said:

Anyone else getting no invite for trade route? Is the event broken?

I have thought the same.  I used to do Trade Route two or three times a week, it kept my trader role going while there were no animals.  Now there are lots of animals but no Trade Route.  My Camp will spawn only intermittently (risked a resupply mission  last night and sure enough my Camp was gone when I returned with the goods, more time wasted) so maybe all aspects of Trader are struggling at the moment.  Lots of animals, though!  I deliberately did my hunting dailies first as knew it would be unstable.  I do miss Trade Route, always enjoyed that one.


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37 minutes ago, Bardory said:

Today I got an invite again for the trade route. And yes, the disappearing campsites are annoying. Thanks for your reply, SimonTemplar, much appreciated.

No problemo.  Hopefully I can get a Trade Route invite when I am on later!

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