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This is a posse for those who are looking for more in Red Dead Online; players who are tired of griefing, grinding, gambling, etc.  We invite players of all skill levels to rise above the norm.  On top of regular trader/wagon and moonshine runs we focus on helping other players and creating a more diplomatic in-game atmosphere.

Platform: Xbox Live

What do we have to offer?

  • Security if needed
  • Training if needed
  • Structure 
  • Income
  • Betterment 
  • Knowledge 


  • Must keep clean weapons
  • Must maintain yellow cores when possible
  • Must have a microphone (exceptions can be made for those who can communicate through emotes and whistles)
  • Must accept improvement through Nachoism

Leader (gammertag):  nachosamm

Feel free to send me a message via Xbox Live if interested.  We normally play from 3pm-8pm ET.


Evolve yourself into a purer player and aerate Red Dead Online.



MOD NOTE:  OP hasn't been active since May.  Closing thread as a result.

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