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Moonshine tile from main screen


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Hello, i started to the letter of opportunity mission where I met a lady who gave me map to buy a shack..  but now I’ve logged back into the game. The whole option to start moonshine on my online main screen has just vanished ?

do I just need to buy a shack for the menu option to reappear or is there a bug that has made it vanish ? 


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Not a bug, You won’t see that map again or the title on the main screen after the cut scene.  Open up the quick menu option go to Camp & Properties / Moonshine Shack / Choose Shack Location / here you can select one of the five Moonshine Shack Location.

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hello, thanks for your help, but my problem is all free roam roles (Bounty Hunter, Collector. etc etc) are missing when I go to the online screen when the game starts up. For me to go online I have limited options such as loading online play by:

start free roam from last location

free roam from camp

posse up

All series playlists

and free roam locations


The link below contains 2 images 

image st is my sons account showing the online screen as normal 

image op is my account showing the missing roles to start a free roam 



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