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Very annoying freezez


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here is a video to show the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmmscJebI2E&feature=youtu.be
For those that don't wanna watch the video:
Game freezes every exact 5 seconds, this is a new issue for me i've played the game quite alot without any issue, but one of the new updates to the game has changed something. 

Specs: GPU: 5700xt
            CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
            Ram: 16GB
The game is installed on an SSD

What i've tried so far:

Have the newest windows 10 update
Have the newest Gpu drivers
Disable v sync 
Enable v sync
Disable free sync 
Enable free sync
Run with windows 7 compatibility
Run with Disable fullscreen optimization
Run with BES: Limit the cpu for red dead 2 2-20% nothing worked
Used task manager to limit cpu
Made it run with 2 processors 
Enabled A sync through config
Tried Dx12 but that makes the game rather interesting near water
Added rockstar games to exception via anti virus software
I turned the graphics down via a guide on youtube, had major effect on fps but still freezes

the GPU fan does speed up a little every time it freezes 
Heat levels are normal both cpu and gpu



Using CCleaner and fixing registry issues, has apparently solved it. 

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