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Anybody else love this game for the horses?

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Seriously, like, I have yet to play a game with better horses. They look great, the animations are top notch, the AI acts in ways that (generally at least) makes sense...

I mean, just look at the weird Skyrim cliff-climbing horses for comparison and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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I have two fastest horses in game (forgot the name) which i named TESLA and TESLA S and one of them (TESLA) pisses me off so much that i wish i could blast his head with a shotgun. 

The animation of horses in RDR 2 is the best i have seen so far in any game. I played Assasins creed odyssey for a couple of days and horses there behave like they are made from wood - i actually stopped playing the game bcoz of that lol. 

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